What's your favorite new session in SYSTM?

On Location: Les Baronnies.

Stunning day they picked for that one… Mike is just amazing in this. Plus that wee cheeky bit at the end!!

More of this please.

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On Location - I have a couple left to do. I enjoyed all of them and agree on Les Baronnies.

I think there is a great opportunity to extend SYSTM to free riding. I’d love to ride these routes in level mode with profile/map showing progress.


I’ve been on a threshold block so only just got round to trying some new content and thought I’d try a week with Neal Henderson. I’ve spent a LOT of time in and around Boulder over the years with work and would sometimes rent a bike from Ubikes and head out.

Haven’t been back since lockdown so it was great to follow Neal on his commute and see a lot of familiar sights - glad to see Illegal Petes is still going strong.

Did Gravel Grinder last night to finish the series and I now have a burning urge to get back out there and buy the gravel bike I’ve been promising myself for so long. Icing the legs in Boulder Creek while drinking a coke and eating a burrito - genius!


Rabbit Mountain is my new favorite session. You end it feeling comfortable but knowing you increased fitness. Also was great to see Coach Neal’s bike stable. More fuel to justify that I can purchase a few more bikes and still tell the significant other, “I know people with 3 times as many bikes as me!”

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…which suggests that the old adage that the right number of bikes is n+1 has moved to 3n

The Shovel! Yes, that’s right, because it feels like a new achievable workout. It was my nemesis before the blip (that’s the scientific term for @Coach.Neal.H’s momentary lapse of kindness). It now only requires one suitcase of courage instead of an entire railcar.

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**I LOV THE SYSTM!! So my workout calendar called for “Blender” but after a weekend of barley sandwiches and the arrival of the first snow, I was not in the mood. So I thought I’d take it ‘easy’ with an OL session. Sunshine, and blue skies in Provence?? Just what the Dr ordered. It was however, anything but easy. Great workout @michael.cotty “The scenery is making me breathless!” (what’s my excuse?) LOV the new content…“Blender” postponed! Suffering to resume anon. Look forwrd to exploring all the new content.

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