What's considered "old" to train?

Better to wear out than rust out.


Better to burn out than fade away?
Hey hey, my my!

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The “fade away” lyric is from “my my hey hey (out of the blue)”.

Hey hey my my (into the black) changes the lyric to “ … burn out, cause rust never sleeps”.


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This is a great discussion, and it’s time to retire “too old to train” and “came to the sport late in life” (i.e. after 22-25). I’m in my 50’s and race and train, probably since starting with SUF/SYSTM, have been in the best shape ever.

Of course there is a lot to do to change the too old perception. Just last night I was looking at BMX bikes (I want to get back into flatland and ride pump tacks), and heard, “you’re not in your 20’s any more”… :man_facepalming:


I was commuting home (by bike) on the ferry one evening and there was an older lady with a Pinarello F12. I (of course) admired her bike.

She said her son in law bought it for her. Apparently her children took away all her bikes when she turned 75 and said road riding wasnt an appropriate activity for a retired lady. Her son in law objected and has kept her in top of the range bikes ever since. Clearly he’s a fellow cyclist. When I met her, she was well into her 80s and didn’t look a day older than 55 and #confession
She absolutely smashed me on the climb out from the ferry terminal. I could make excuses that I wasn’t fit at the time and was carrying my work clothes and a very heavy laptop. All true but she was also insanely fast. And no, it was not an e road bike.


I’m training at 70


66 here and I’m still suffering away.

Not as fast as I used to be (not that I was very fast to begin with) but the hard work is good for my mood and my waistline.

Just don’t be discouraged when you see the awesome power numbers put out by the younger folks. If you must compare, compare to your own age group.


Or the older folks! My 32 year old son crushes me. But many of his riding buddies are older than I am and they crush him. There’s a lot more than age going on.

Just be you and improve from there.


So glad it’s not just me, @DameLisa !


Hah, I know right! They’re unreal!

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