What the SUF? Update on The Sufferfest App (inc. Android)

Will there be changes to the training plans and/or new plans?

It all sounds exciting, can’t wait to see it arrive :+1:t2:

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This is all good to hear :+1:

Will the new workouts have video… :eyes:

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Fantastic!..you and the minions are the best!


Egan Bernal’s finish on stage #9 of the Giro could fit nicely in a future SUF workout.


Or Pidcock at Nove Mesto on Sunday.


This is Sufferlandria - the workout would need both…


You mention “… even better sports science.”. Can you elaborate on that at all? Anything on adopting Steven Seiler methods?

Also, it would be good to provide better advice on how to modify the plans if you are an old fart which, regrettably, I have now become.

Stephen Seiler’s methods are just as evidence based as Sir Neal’s are. the “problem” (or rather “challenge”) is that Sir Neal needs to find a somewhat generalized solution that relates on algorithms and test results from people he doesn’t really know while Stephen Seiler mostly works in 1:1 settings which in this case is easier


I don’t study the subject but shouldn’t SUF users be able to pick a different training protocol?

How could giving people more choice be bad?

What makes the Sufferfest the Sufferfest is, in my opinion, two main things:

  1. That “base” periods of training in the off-season are not necessary
  2. The training is built on the 4DP concept

I don’t work at Wahoo or the Sufferfest but I can’t imagine that, from a business model aspect, they would willingly forego their central concept to give users “choice”.

That is to say, the user’s choice is Sufferfest (and all that goes with it) or another platform.

All IMO.

Except that sports science seems to say that a polarized or pyramidal approach is optimum for achieving a training benefit.

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@Yojimbo SUF offers customized plans if your goals are different than the stock plans.

Customized Training Plans

Personally I have had great results on the stock plans but if those plans don’t meet your needs try reaching out the coaches and they may be able to craft something that is more in line with your goals.

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The problem with “sport science” is, that it very rarely targets the average amateur/enthusiast. It’s (often, not always!) “off-the-couch” (you can basically do anything you want to them and will see gains) or highly trained elite athletes (like in seilers work, which I highly respect).

From my own n=1 experience I can tell that I (in terms of I, me, me personally) make the best progress with 2-3 intense sessions and then as much endurance/tempo as I can possibly do (timewise and stresswise). Now look what an elite athlete on a polarized plan does: some intensity and a shitton of lower endurance. And now look what most of the advanced plans in the Sufferfest do. Just add another 7 hours of LIT and bam → polarized elite plan.
You can try and cut the intensity to get to that arbitrary 80:20 ratio. I could make a guess to where you land :slight_smile:

Now back to topic: Givf infos on “bold” move !!!111 :wink:


I might be stupid (just ask my kids), but when I look at the standard plans I think all of them are following a scientific (period) approach.

2 or 3 week blocks, each block has a focus, and each 12 week plan has you peaking for an event or another 4DP at the end of it.

I’m doing the full century plan now, and it definitely feels like that and as I roll into the last period, it is definitely ramping up the intensity but reducing the volume a bit before the taper for the event.

I suspect the new version will be improved calendar integration, new platforms supported and a lot of behind the scenes tweaking to the science that will be subtle but beneficial improvements. We as riders probably won’t see or feel much different, but it will be doing things differently to gain improvements for us all.


For me, it’s all taking too long.
Just cancelled my subscription and went to Zwift (on Android, nVidia Shield)

Maybe I’ll come back when SUF works on the Shield (and new video’s arrive, after doing every video several times, it’s not as fun anymore)

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depends on goal setting, type of sport, type of athlete…
since you mentioned Stephen Seiler in one of your previous post, just have a look at the literature

and you’ll find that it strongly correlates with what’s offered in SUF training plans


cough MORE GIRL RACES cough


Will their be more running videos?