Welcome to The Sufferfest Community Forum!

Welcome to The SUF!

The Sufferlandrian community is one of the most unique in endurance sports – or anywhere, for that matter. Relentlessly positive, incredibly helpful, constantly curious and always in pursuit of faster, stronger and tougher. Funny, too. This forum is where Sufferlandrians and SUF Staff come together to ask questions, join discussions, provide feedback and help others. So pull up a chair, grab a Pain Shake and a bowl of fried pain suckers. It’s time to talk.


As a Sufferlandrian, Director Sportif and Poet Laureate Grunter von Agony need hardly remind you that Sufferlandrians are always nice and care not so much how strong or weak you are, but how much you Suffered in the pursuit of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY. Any comments that GvA decides are mean spirited, argumentative or unsupportive will be deleted and repeat offenders banned faster than intervals were in Couchlandria.

Oh - Do be sure to refer to all Knights of Sufferlandria with the proper etiquette - Sir or Dame.

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Thank you for setting this up. I look forward to reading posts and replies. To me, this is way better than Social Media.


It’s so nice to see that you are excited @BGeff! Thanks for joining us!

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Thank you!

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Ok. Is this going to be a thing where I have to get an email in order to log in every time?

If this is the case, I wonder why we are going backwards technology wise. I have a Sufferfest account but cannot log in to this page without a backup email?

I’m not sure why this is happening to you. A backup email address shouldn’t be needed for the forum. Are you signing in with google? I wonder if that is where the backup email request is coming from. Feel free to send me a direct message and we can dig in deeper. I’m sorry that it is not cooperating!

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It was fine for a while but now the login page says incorrect credentials but have found an account with my name and I have wait for an email to get in to the forum. But I haven’t changed my log in details since last time. What gives?

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Maybe a week ago there was a SUF/Wahoo integration step. The purpose was to integrate Wahoo and SUF account logins. I had some issues and I think it was that my SUF password was in the Wahoo spot or vice versa. Anyway, that is my best guess but otherwise reach out to the minions. Good luck!

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Hello… new user, old sufferer.

How do I get my KoS tag added to my username?

Hi @RG1X, shoot me a message with your name and I’ll verify and get you in there!

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Is there an option to pay Wahoo SYSTM with Paypal?

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looks like yours might have got sorted out. how did you get it fixed? mine only shows up once i post somewhere.

To me at least, yours looks the same as mine. All I did was message Cody Moore though.

Hi- I’m a long standing Sufferfest fan/ user - and I can’t seem to find in the new Wahoo SYSTM app how to see what work outs I have done in the training section rather than reviewing just the calendar? We used to be able to see in the list for which training to use, for example 9 Hammers and would say last done say August 2,2021. The calendar doesn’t help as then have to review months of calendar to remember which I did and when, and then compare to the list in the training section?

Also, why does it send an email each time, what is .fit or .tcx ? What can I do with this?

Please help! Thx


Workout history isn’t in the new app yet - it wasn’t ready for the SYSTM launch date. Some improvements to that function are coming that aren’t ready yet. Presently you can go to the calendar and view in list mode and scroll to the prior workout. Unfortunately there isn’t a search feature so you have to know what general date you are looking for. I just use Strava or TrainingPeaks to find prior workouts.

Also, why does it send an email each time, what is .fit or .tcx ? What can I do with this?

Go to Settings in the Menu and Select Authorized Apps. Toggle off the 1st choice which says send completed activities to your email.

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I look foreword to getting data anaylsis within the app. I think that is the biggest thing missing right now so that we can see progress over time. So just seconding your response and the comment from the poster above.

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