Wahoo Wednesdays | Share your feedback with the SYSTM team | November 3rd 2021

Thanks for the chance for weekly feedback.

As a very self-motivated person/athlete, can I again mention how much I value the history feature that allows me to compare prior efforts over the same workout/event?

Very important. Might almost say a priority. (Hint, hint).



I always do this in Garmin Connect or Strava.

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Likewise. Strava and TrainingPeaks here. What’s quite nice about the latter is that since I put my schedule in to TP, the upcoming workouts also appear in the search list.

Look! Nine Hammers approacheth! (Ok, maybe that’s not always a good thing)

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I couln’t agree more with @lonerunman regarding the wizard. If I were allowed to change only one single thing about the app I would choose the stepper/wizard. It’s just annoying having to answer up to ten questions then following a link to get a text description of the plan and having to follow another link just to get a preview of the plan.
I’ve used the old simple interface a lot just to ge inspired by browsing through the plans.
I see how a wizard style interface might help people to find a plan that fits. But please give us ‘browse’ people the option to bypass the wizard and use the old style catalog interface.


I just noticed that the new version of Attacker is 11 seconds longer than the old version. The only reason I think it matters, is that I did it this morning, and it seemed like some of the sound cues were off a little bit.

In this topic the issue was raised that when you are in the library and search, say, Cycling you get a bunch of filter options (including 4DP focus). It looks like this:

However, when you click on a Channel, say Sufferfest, first, the filters are incomplete and look like this:

It seems to me (and others on the previously mentioned thread) that when you click Search, you should always get the same filters. Perhaps if you start in Sufferfest, the Sufferfest button should be pre-clicked, but otherwise, it seems silly for the search filters to be dependent on where you start.


It‘s the same for sorting. Entering via cycling channel one can sort by TSS and IF but by entering directly via Sufferfest those sorting options are missing.


Thank you for inviting our feedback. I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks now. I guess I understand that you wanted to roll it out in Europe and North America as we approach the indoor season.

I’m enjoying both the older Suff content and particularly some of the new stuff too. This is going to be great if you can keep adding to it.

What would be good ASAP is the following:

  1. Weekly summed TSS.
  2. A Fitness, Fatigue, Form score/graph (assuming that doesn’t violate someone else’s intellectual property).
  3. Heart rate scores in Yoga / Strength activities.
  4. Apple Airplay built in so we can go full screen on the TV.

Is there a timeline for added features that Wahoo are willing to share? I appreciate these can make you a hostage to fortune, but it would be good to know when we might expect new features and what they will be. We’re forgiving enough to know sometimes things don’t roll out as hoped!

You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

All best,



I really really like the new On Location rides, some of the calendar functionality is quite good (downloading from the calendar)

But, the new platform was supposed to bring rapid updates, and it doesn’t feel like that has happened yet. It would be great to get a fix for SYSTM blocking audio from other apps or other ‘quick’ fixes

This isn’t meant to sound like a whinge, but hopefully constructive feedback against what was promised



This afternoon my phone shutdown because it had low battery (15%) while running a cycling workout. That’s my bad but it made me think:

  1. It would be nice for the workout to pause / pop up a warning if battery life is going down rapidly.
  2. The workout was saved/recovered (excellent) however I had to relaunch the session fresh. It would be nice to resume where I left off if connection is lost or app crashes. Not a major issue but it stops having 2 half sessions in the calendar.



@gpsjared Is this also a place to report bugs? If not, can you point me in the right direction?

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Can you bring back the indoor+outdoor ride option to the All Purpose Cycling plan?


You can report bugs at https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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  1. not going to happen. This is trademarked by Training Peaks.

You can also report bugs by clicking … and then click on the Bug Report button. That will take you to the bug report system (you have to be on-line). It will filll in the version and OS information in the background.

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Maybe these have been mentioned before:

  • pre-run, pre-ride 5 min stretch videos
  • workout of the day on the homescreen. I’ve used sufferfest long enough to be able to choose a workout quickly but I can imagine that for brand new users the choice could be overwhelming.
  • similarly, an “I’m feeling lucky” button to choose a workout at random, maybe with a couple options for time and intensity.
  • (bigger) allow user generated content either in the theme of On Location where people can upload their own ride videos and create a workout profile, or like the pro-rides, use the magic to turn a real power profile into a workout.
  • more On Location rides like Les Baronnies, where the intensity matches the terrain (as opposed to a structured workout) - I found this to be the best alternative to zwift as it felt like just riding around with a mate. Loved it.
  • some form of community-based commitment device or challenge system,
  • similar to above, a tss or 4dp based training plan where you simply need to achieve the prescribed cumulative effort over the week, to allow flexibility for life schedules.

some additional requests:

  • in the strenght work outs, make it possible to skip back and forward between the exercises
  • make it possible to run 2 or more back to back workouts automatically one after the other. Think about Igniter + regular workout or any other possible combination

Would just make the great experience so far, even better.

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Overall, I am enjoying the new app - I particularly like the addition of the rides with Mike Cotty and the “week with…” Rides.

I am using this on an iPad mini and I have had a few technical issues:

  • the sides of the picture are cut off and the display at the bottom seems a bit scrunched up so the “/10” of the effort level is always over the top of the timer showing how much longer is left on the specific interval. I don’t need to see the “/10” but I really need to see the timer - sometimes the only way I can keep going is knowing I only have to suffer for another 10 seconds
  • if I try to listen to music while doing a routine with no sound (e.g. Cadence builds) then the video hangs up and resets itself which stops the music - very annoying
  • on quite a few routines the video just stops part way through and doesn’t restart. Today I was doing “The Chores” and it stopped in the middle and the whole app froze. I had to close it down, log in again and restart. Also annoying
  • I thought the above type of problems might be network related so have tried downloading routines and they either won’t download or take a very long time to download and then don’t work at all when I try to use them

Would be great if you could fix these issues!

One improvement request - I would like to be able to specify how many days per week I want to have planned activities on when setting up a plan, and also which days of the week. It would also be good when you start a plan if it could start on the day specified rather than 2 days later. Thanks!


Hi @lisan72

The video scaling issue on iPads has been flagged by a few users already. As a temporary fix you should be able to toggle off any unnecessary metrics in the display settings. Switching off speed, RPE and setting the font size to small should sort this.

Edit Just updated the app to version 7.8.1 and this looks to have fixed the video scaling issue if you set the video crop to 16:9.



Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Two suggestions/comments:

  1. Is it possible to ensure the data bar (speed/HR/Power/Cadence/RPE), at the bottom of the screen, never overlap the time remaining info in the bottom right hand corner (often, the RPE does);

  2. App included in Apple TV, same as Zwift.

Looking forward.

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