Wahoo Wednesdays | Share your feedback with the SYSTM team | November 10th 2021

As a User, I would like to see my training plan in my calendar app on my phone, so I can take my training into account, when planning other appointments.

For reference: TrainingPeaks does this via webcal/ical.


100% agree. It’s great to have a release notes page but it needs to be updated at the same time a new release of the app is made available. Preferably before.

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You should be able to play your own music (using a different app) while running the workout at the same time. The process is a little different depending on whether you’re on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. There is a toggle switch in Settings that allows you to turn music on and off, then you can play your own tunes.

If you are using iOS you need to start the workout first, toggle music off, start your other music app, come back to SYSTM, start your workout.


I agree with you. Would also be good if the app had a jump back 15sec button that we could hit a few times to repeat a move.


Thanks Glen, I’m digging these workouts, cheers


I had the same challenge/issue. I moved on and after a few sessions, maybe after three weeks two sessions a day when my breathing slowed down a bit and I got more/less understanding of the positions I was able to manage, but just manage. Still, I believe it has postive impact overall. I believe you will not find any hints&tips regarding breathing as such or any of the positions as a separate module. Again, I keep on continue, hope you will too! I heard that the breathing is the key…
All the best!

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‘Tapers’ has an excellent breath tutorial, FWIW.



I would love to be able to cast the videos on an Android TV, could you add a “cast” button directly in the app?

Also, could the mobile app be some kind of remote control for the app running on my computer? Kinda like Zwft and Zwft C*mpanion.



Having been a user of the previous platform there are a couple of features I would appreciate being re-introduced that are no longer there.

The first is I would like to he ability to filter workouts in the library based on download status.

Secondly, within the athlete profile the diagram that displays rider type profile metrics previously would display what changes occured in comparison to the previous metrics, in both watts and percentage.

All-in-all I’m loving the platform and the addtional videos in the library, especially “a week with…” are great.


Dashboard - great idea


I would really love if the diary could integrate with google calender so I can plan my workouts with other activities!


There’s no ‘music’ toggle on the no-vid workouts, so on the vids where you need music the most it’s not possible from 1 device.
The toggling back and forth workaround didn’t workaround either.

iPad, trying to get a podcast playing. Ended up with SYSTM running in the background and keeping podcasts to the front. No sound effects on effort or cadence changes though. And why doesn’t SYSTM appear on the list of apps requesting to run in the background?


On iPad you need to start the novid workout first then pause the workout. Then with the workout paused, open your music app and start your tunes. Once the music is playing you can go back to SYSTM and resume the workout.

It works for me on an iPhone using a NoVid.

If it doesn’t work for you, you may need to reach out to the minions for support.

Sorry, u were correct. Tried it with a novid and have the same problem. Music from one ends sound effects and sound effects ends music.

It works for the workouts with vids though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks Glen, doesn’t work for me on the iPad so I’ll raise a ticket


Fixing the music integration on iOS is also my biggest wish. If I get my own music or movie started, I lose Sound Effects, unlike the previous app. Many times, the app will cause the video to go black when I turn on my own music and switch back to SYSTM. The workout is still going, and I get the work out text on the screen … just no video (at times) and no sound effects (always).


I feel your pain. In NoVids I have the same issue as all y’all. I’m pretty sure it’s a known issue and will get sorted hopefully sooner than later :pray: My less than ideal workaround would be to use something else to play the tunes.

In SUF vids though, I can get both my own music AND the sound effects. I assume you’ve done this already but just in case, there’s a specific order you need to do things in iOS. You have to first open SYSTM and start the workout and then go to your music app and start the tunes. If you’ve already done that, just ignore me.


After the collapse of Sufferfest in the middle of my training plan, and then not being able to find anything else on the market to replace it with and then later getting going with SYSTM again, here’s my observations both good and bad:

I’m a cyclist so that’s what I use it for. I’ve not tried swimming, running shuffleboard, badminton, volleyball, sledding, etc.


The program still functions and I’m back to working out. I own a PC and that’s what I continue to use for it. I don’t have any use for Android or Apple versions since it still doesn’t work for outdoors, but perhaps one day it will and I’ll be able to use my phone with it.

I was still able to choose a training plan, (I selected All Purpose Road with yoga and strength, which I’ve done before, but this was like starting all over for me).

The calendar still functions.

I’m still able to download videos. although it’s more inconvenient and finding the workouts is harder. I was glad to see there’s a download option for the video once you open a workout, that seems new and convenient.

The software still controls my trainer almost perfectly and offers a much more realistic riding experience than other software like Zwift which is ridiculous, (a 1 or 2% grade in Zwift is like hitting a wall).

The Bad:

Bluetooth and ANT+ connections need to be reset at the beginning of every workout because the software doesn’t remember what I had setup. It would be an improvement if the software remembered the devices, (like a head unit on a bike does).

Bluetooth and ANT+ connections are very weak and dropout several times per ride.

Videos still don’t stream and the ones that are downloaded seem to be a much lower resolution than they used to be. I reverted back to a 27" monitor which seems to be as big a screen as the videos can still be viewed on. There’s also a “hardware acceleration” feature I turned off which helped slightly.

There’s no more choice when setting up a training plan to incorporate outdoor rides on the weekends.

During the week for indoors there’s no vid workouts, (those used to show up on the weekends).

The workouts still have targets and my profile is still in there but they seem to be less fine tuned, with no regards to maximums, only minimums. Inside of a week I had two workouts that I couldn’t complete because my heart rate was so high I thought I would have a heart attack, (that never happened before in months of using it).

The calendar starts with the smaller dashboard style, but then reverts back to the full month view rather than going back to the home page, so you need to look at a full month and find your next workout instead of it being right there ready to click.

The calendar still doesn’t integrate with Google calendar so the only way to know what I’ve got for training is to start my trainer PC and open SYSTM to see.

Overall, it’s still very good and a heck of a bargain.

I really think that having outdoor training capability, an integrated calendar and reorganize the workouts to keep the indoor training so they still have videos would be great.

One of the weekend workouts it had for my first week was almost 2 hours. Who’s gonna ride inside on a trainer for over an hour unless they’re a masochist? Skip!

One thing I really wish it had was training and workouts for over age 50 riders, with appropriate warmups, cool downs and real time monitoring of heart rate and effort with zone adjustments in the workout to bring the rider within their appropriate training margins.

All in all though, for as many things as I complain about there’s still not a better solution out there. I actually don’t mind the new intro and exit screens. Not sure what the laser eyes goat is for, but I’m assuming it had something to do with the old Sufferfest I just never noticed it before.


Hi @toddsdonald - has this been consistently so since the Systm release? I ask because I use the Windows app also and have never hed it forget any device. I have 2 machines, one with ANT+ and one with Bluetooth. Both of them remember my Tickr and Kickr Core without issue.

I say this purely because if you have had repeated problems then I don’t think it is by design, if you will. Perhaps there is an issue in the set-up somewhere that the minions can maybe help with.

We wouldn’t want there to be any delay to the Suffering!

I hope you get it sorted,


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Thanks L. Yes this Bluetooth and ANT+ issue has plagued SYSTM on my PC since I made the change. On the old Sufferfest it would remember my devices. Once in awhile it would forget one or get confused but not as frequently as it does now. By contrast when I start Zwift, my trainer and all my sensors just automatically connect.

I’m not big into contacting support for tech issues. Either it works or it doesn’t. That which works I keep, what doesn’t I either deal with, or stop using.

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Fair enough sir. Interestingly, I have the opposite problem with Zwift. The app rarely works without stalling and it struggles to find the devices which both Sufferfest and System find immediately.

To be honest I put the blame with thrid party driver developers and maybe even Micro$oft themselves.

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