Wahoo SYSTM?

Gotcha, just pause it then tap to where you want to go!

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Yep the killed the webpage, twitter account, everything.
My guess brand will totally lost in a year or two max.

It’s a real pity. I’m a little upset by this.

Sufferfest videos remain, happily ensconced within the app. The same people remain, using the platform and contributing to the ecosystem, and the same team behind the scenes remain, contributing in these pages.

The name of the app has changed, and the owner has gone to a length in the announcement post to explain why

Win win for getting more out of the app I’d say. We have all the workouts and more.


Anyone know if we get elevation gain??

no elevation gain. Unlike sim apps like Rouvy, RGT, Zwift, Fulgaz etc SYSTM doesn’t sim rides so any elevation gain would be completely arbitrary. The structured workouts, while including lots of “climbing”, just provide an effort increase akin to elevation change. Even the encoded gradient changes using the Kickr Climb (which I have, and use, and wouldn’t be without now that I have one) don’t match the actual terrain we see on the screen but are there to keep us more engaged. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they do that as for me, the engagement really really works. I actually get my head right into it.


I’m seeing both IF and TSS in the list & grid views. Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

If you’re not seeing the same thing, I recommend contact our customer service minions because we’ll need to look into the issue further.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me, the IF data is populating now, all set


No worries, glad it’s all set :raised_hands:


Need this asap. Trying to vary it up and it’s disruptive to have to go to the calendar and work it out. Sorting is a 5 second job vs a 2 minute job. 1:55 is an important amount of suffering time!!