Videos buffering in Wahoo Systm

Would be a cool option / tick box(es) of any number (eg for the download and for the delete for example) to have.

Er, not in the context of this thread @Eerke

I’m also experiencing this, in not only the cycling workouts but also yoga and strength.
I purchased a 1 year subscription with Sufferfest and feel a little let down.
Come on Wahoo surely with the issues with streaming and some content/features that appear to have changed, a good will gesture for those of us on a years subscription is warranted until these teething issues are hopefully resolved.
I’m suggesting an extra month or two’s free subscription/extension for streaming issues etc.

Cmon folks. Be nice. Don’t make me come down there!


…the entire point being that society has converged on two terms implying the different contexts. Streaming implies real-time consumption (as Jon’s analogy implies). Download doesn’t. Download implies consumption _at some point between now and deletion, even if the deletion is still automatic after some period of time.

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For simplicities sake, I believe what we all want here is:

  • Toggle switch for “Automatically download videos in upcoming calendar”
    ** Drop down for how many days in advance: Default 7?
    ** Toggle for “Use Wifi only / Any data connection”
  • Toggle switch for “Automatically delete videos”
    ** Selection option for: “Upon completion” / “Least used entry when storage = [user definable data size]”

This way users can decide if they want SYSTM to download videos on their behalf in advance, so they don’t have to remember to. They can also then decide how many videos they want resident on their machine, or how much data space they want taken up, or that they want to keep a repository of every video if they have space.
This is the most user convenient system and also the least work/visible options (that I can immediately envision)


That would require yet another toggle on mobile devices:
“Use WiFi only / any data connection”


True, I’m thinking with my desktop user head on…
I’m going to edit that into the original post so it’s a single point of reference


Still issues with streaming

didn’t make 60 secs into A digs life 1 without it freezing then going all blocky

PC app 7.6.1
Glasgow - Scotland
1730 hrs GMT
Win10 with auto updates switched off

This is getting ridiculous

My 2 pennies whatever app I usually use I always try and download the video beforehand whether it was on Tacx/FulGaz or Rouvy as I had issues with uploading to the cloud and Strava and rides just disappearing with no luck of retrieving them again. Also had issues with the video stopping and looking at a still screen for 10 miles or buffering and jumping forwards from where the video originally stopped. I now download all my rides so don’t get any of that and only uses downloaded rides there’s no streaming rides on that service and even with Ant + I’ve suffered no dropouts no buffering no problems since I got it connected properly and started using it

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That was my screen this evening!
Had to wait for 3rd revolver before video got started. 4th before it was in HD. :grimacing:

Even though I’m staring at the stem most of the time I like to know the video is there!

Anyone who has issues streaming in the UK available to test it now?
Seems to be working smooth here, where I have been having issues, would be nice to confirm it’s working well for other people who typically see issues so we can start to point at the server rather than internet connections/client.

I just quickly tried A Dogs Life 1 again but on the iPhone this time (I did try it earlier at the same time I had issues streaming on the PC and it also wouldn’t stream properly on the phone)

And it seems to stream okay, for the few minutes I tried it anyway

21:15 UK. Two videos tested - streaming fine again.

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Just streamed the trick and was surprise at how quickly it started, no issues … even went out to the garage at 22:00 to make sure it was a realistic test

(PC used)

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Windows 10 PC on Ethernet, 1gbps download speed, just had a few instances of buffering on a focus exercise video (black screen so presumably low bitrate), mid afternoon (15:50ish).

Definitely broke my concentration (:

eta: The reason I was on this thread was because I have never had a problem before, but on Tuesday I did “I just want to ride” and it was completely unwatchable, pausing, stuttering, and when it was working it was 144p.

This was on an iPad Mini on WiFi on a 900mpbs connection.

Thank you all for posting your experiences in here. At the moment it appears that it is an intermittent issue with our UK server. We aren’t seeing any errors or red flags in our server monitoring when this happens.
So we’ve spun up another server in London. We’ve turned off our other servers in London and Frankfurt so all streaming traffic from Europe should hit this server.
We’ll monitor this forum, customer service and our internal monitoring to see how playback compares.
If you are in Europe and can try streaming a video, that would be great. If you save it when you hit finish workout and then delete it from your calendar (if it wasn’t a real ride) that will send the playback statistics to our server. Feel free to comment here with your experience, too.


Thanks for caring :blush:

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FWIW I’m testing a stream on Win10. i’m in the UK.

My broadband is running at 4Mb/s at the moment (somehow twice what it usually is - yes it’s crap here, but as people have pointed out the bandwidth is probably not the cause) and Angels seems to be streaming wonderfully.

I always download vids in advance anyway but hopefully this is a sign that the problems are being sorted out because I know people have been frusteated. I’ll let it run and get it to save to the server as requested.


EIDT: Go go Richie!


I’ll try the streaming again today. I’ll admit that since last week, I’ve been downloading the cycling workouts where possible because I just couldn’t face doing them with the potential issues.