Upload own workouts

Sorry if this has been spoken about before, I had a search but couldn’t find anything.

It would be really good if it were possible to upload your own power-based workout to the app. What made me think of this is that at the weekend my plan called for the Endurance + session. I wanted to extend it to 2 hours. What I did was play the Open 120 which also has the Hammer video with it, and adjusted the target power every ten minutes to mimic the Endurance + intervals. I thought it would be pretty neat to have been able to upload those intervals as a workout in advance and run it with it the video. It may make less sense using your own workouts with some of the other videos as the edits match the intervals, but even then it might be nice.

I would note that, for instance, you can use the TrainingPeaks workout builder and then upload to the whaoo elemnt, so it’s a similar sort of feature I am talking about. I am under no illusions though that the SUF app and the Elemnt software are in any way similar. The first rule of software development is that the answer to any question asked by someone not involved and that begins “Isn’t it just…” is “No!”.

Obviously a fully integrated workout builder would also be cool, but that’s an entirely different offering to the usual SUF approach, and there are other things around (like TP) that are perfectly adequate.

I’d note that I’m pretty well sold on the SUF workouts so personally am not looking for a wholesale addition of own workouts, the suf approach and ecosystem is superb and one can always of course ride without it if you need something else.

I’d be interested in hearing other opinions.


I agree that would be nice, but as a stop-gap, you could always use your element to control the trainer with the workout you built in TP. I’ve done this with my Stages Dash in the past when I couldn’t make an outside ride work and it was quality.