Unofficial MTP Mentoring Circle Week 1

Such a great idea, guys!


Brilliant to get together on this!

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Sorry I misses Mondays meeting as I was outside taking care of my own MT between the wheels.

How many people are participating in the MTP?

That sounds wonderful - hope you had perfect weather for it. Counting you we’d have 4.

Here’s my Mt Sufferlandria for 2021: 12 hours solo at the Oregon 24/12 / WEMBO 24 hr Championships - ride 100 miles (9laps).

Supporting goals:

  1. Complete the In-Season XC plan with yoga, strength, MTP by May 30th - ending with the Sister’s Stampede XC race.

  2. Add in a short upper body strength session each week.

  3. Compete in at least two other XC races before July 1

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Ok, I did “Establishing the Goal Setting Habit” this morning. Here’s my plan for the next 5 weeks.

What are your goals for the next month?


Hi all. Sorry - a bit late on this. Looks like a great idea. Are you doing the meetings via Zoom or similar? I am in Australia, so not sure if I can make the times work for me.
I have done the MTP once before but often struggle with bits of it - making good goals, rewards, etc.


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Hi Chris, I have done MTP twice and helped couple friends out with this program. I am here as a Mentor I believe as I am not actually doing the program just offering help. Message me in here anytime.

Hi Chris we are meeting via Zoom and sharing here. Would be happy to find a way to have you join.

hmm the only solution i see is, midday-afternoon in US, night in EU (just before i go to bed) and morning in Australia.
Around 2000-2100 GMT+0?

So that is roughly noon PST. I could do that maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.

That is usually a good time for me as well, 1PM MST.

oh, daylight savings time starts this weekend! so if we did 7:30 PM GMT / 12:30 PM PDT would that work for everyone?

It’s fine, but i would prefer if we can make it half an hour later, at 2000 GMT

Those times work for me, in general, but not this Wednesday.

Ok, Tuesday at 20:00 GMT : 1 pm PDT for week 2


Tuesday 2PM MST got it.

Can you repost the Zoom Link, I do not see it in this thread. thanks.

I’ll send one privately.

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Created a thread for week 2: Unofficial MTP Mentoring Circle Week 2 -