Training Supps

Thanks. I used myprotein already occasionally for one of their amino mixes (saves me the bother). So will head in there and have a look. Cheers

Used to get maltodextrin for dirt cheap at a beer brewing supplies shop (amounted to pennies/concoction). I suppose it’s best to trial cluster and maltodextrin (in a blind test, ideally) in order to figure out which works best for you/your gut.

I’m very interested in this topic, because with all the cardio I do while suffering, I’ve lost quite a few extra grams.
I am 169cm and i’m currently weighting only 55Kg! this is crazy thin…

I was about to start taking BCAA’s but a doctor (youtube) said you should only take these when doing heavy weight and not cardio rutines, because they tend to increase something else (insuline, i believe) and end up been worse,

what are your thoughts?

are BCAA’s OK to take while doing only SUF programs without Strenght nor Yoga addons?


After looking at the commercial Electrolyte Supplement mix - like “Hi Lyte” or NUUN came to the conclusion that a mix of sodium and potassium make the base. “NoSalt” is the salt for low sodium diet and mostly contains potassium and costs a little/nothing. I make the mix of table salt and “NoSalt” for a daily workout to compensate for buckets of sweat. I think it’s working fine for me so far and does not feel a difference compare to the official electrolytes mix. Question if I miss something? If not - that’s a good hack for you.

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