Training plan, and keeping to schedule

Hi all,

I’m currently in week 2 of a MAP building block. Tuesday I did 9 hammers, yesterday a recovery session. Today I’m scheduled for Attacker, followed by two more easy days.

Right now, I feel pretty tired (not helped with a bad nights sleep). Does it make sense to move Attacker to tomorrow, or is this designed specifically so that I only get one day rest after 9 hammers? In other words, am I supposed to be tired going into it?

I’ve done attacker before, and not found it too bad (definitely not compared to 9 hammers!), So I’m not worried that I couldn’t manage it.



@Leon_99 Lack of sleep never helps. You could stay on schedule today and do the workout at reduced targets or flip it with tomorrow’s workout. Only you know the answer but in similar situations I would probably flip workouts, concentrate on hydrating, eating well and managing stress and then going to bed early and see where things are in the morning.

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Thanks for the reply.

My gut feel is absolutely to flip the session, but since I’m new to these training plans, I wasn’t sure if they are designed to build fatigue over days, in which case I should feel tired and should do the session to get the intended effect. I’m actually surprised in some ways that the load seems quite low. Attacker tomorrow, then two days of easy sessions, then A Very Dark Place on Sunday.

So despite everything above, I started to feel a bit perkier as the day went on. Sometimes I think I just feel bad because I am working !!

I didn’t have any problem.with this session. As I found last time, the attacks just don’t seem that hard to me, so it tends to feel like a bunch of FTP intervals.


The best thing to do is to track how you feel after working out over the weeks, as well as as @JSampson says hydration, sleep, eating, and stress. Remember that the body is affected by both exercise and real life stress - it does not know the difference.

Eventually, you will see the patterns in how your body feels.