Training for 300km Around the Bay

Hi All, im looking for general advice in regards to trainer sessions to help prepare for doing the 300km Around the Bay in October. I know im starting probably a month late. The plan is to be able to complete the ride comfortably, not finishing in pain or severely bonked!!!

Around the bay is mainly a flat course with some climbing about 120km into the ride.

Currently im partially working from home so I can get some hour long sessions done during the week, and I am planning on doing regular long rides on the weekends.


I think you have plenty of time to prepare for October.

I would work on building your aerobic base for the 300 km. To ride it comfortably it’s going to require a very long Z2 effort. So I would work on slowly increasing the length of your weekend rides. My longest events are around 6 hours (160 km with plenty of climbing) and most of my weekend training rides are in the 3-5 hour range. I typically increase them by 30 mins each week while building toward an event. My main focus is on in-ride nutrition and efficient pacing. The longer rides basically become an eating contest!

As for trainer sessions I’m simply following the Hilly GF plan (indoor/outdoor option), which fits nicely with my event goals and weekend training rides.