Tour and Time Zones

Just my unofficial take:

If you do the stages inside the allotted time window, you’ll get your badge and will have done the tour.

The only “cheating” is if you produce a Suffer performance of which you are not proud.


100% agree. Just keen on doing the longer stages on weekend days - but the longest ones look to be Stage 1 & 7, so they’ll fall on weekend days anyway.

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So let me get this straight… In theory, one could do all 7 stages in just 5 days. Correct?

E.g. could do Joyride, Cobbler and 9H on Monday, and then do Who Dares, The Cure, Defender and Attacker on Friday. Oh joy!


I’ve learned a lot through sufferfest, but the most surprising thing I learned was that for a 24 hour day, there are 26 time zones on earth and that for a single day to pass all over the world it takes more than two (26+24=50).