ToS'21 SUForum Mods 'n' Rockrs team

The SUForum community moderators (identifiable by a little badge by our name and frequent, hopefully friendly and helpful, responses to your posts) will be riding in the greatest grand tour of a mythical nation in the world to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. Make a donation to support our efforts or we’ll mess with your posts! Kidding :grin:. Any donation will however help expand the Davis Phinney Foundation’s important work.

As the forum is the new home for the ToS race village we’d like to invite those that are active here but currently riding solo to join our team. The ultimate Tour of Sufferlandria goal, beyond Pain Misery & Agony in pursuit of Honour Glory & Victory, is for the SUF community to raise as much money for DPF as possible and a bit of friendly competition for the “giants of the league” (looking at you Women of Sufferlandria, TEAM SIR JOE and Global Suffering League) is no bad thing.

No pressure, we really won’t mess with your posts, but if you feel that this could be your team for the Tour and you’d like to be a Rockr then you can join up here…

(sorry for the weird looking link, hopefully it’ll take you to the team page with “JOIN TEAM” button)


We won’t? (mess with posts?) oh ok then :slight_smile:

Cmon join the team folks …


Yay, Go Team! :not-available-laser-goat-emoji:

I’m totally screenshot-ing the Top-Team list, right now, so we can always remember our humble beginnings. :slight_smile:


2021-01-27: Team Mods ‘n’ Rockrs - Nowhere to be found…
But things are about to change…

…We need YOU!


I didn’t think mods and rockers got on very well? :thinking:
Obviously they do in sufferlandria!! :slightly_smiling_face:



Ha, you could be right! But unruly behaviour is allowed as long as it benefits DPF. New Romantics should probably look away.

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Boom! Welcome Sir Evan. A worthy taker of the title of First Rockr.


A fine addition indeed. Glad to have you, Sir Evan!
Who‘s next?? :slight_smile:

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Thanks! When signed up I didn’t have a team in mind, so just stayed solo. So, now, boom. You got me. My apologies to you for having me on your team. :grin:

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I had also signed up solo, but am now part of the group! In addition to various bikes, we have a motorcycle (mine) and a Vespa (my wife’s) in the garage. Proof positive that Mods and Rockers/Rockrs can get along…


Good job you caught that Pierre, the team is now back in the top 10 thanks to the Rockrs! I’ll need to go in and revise the target…

Welcome to the new team members. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help maintain the long standing community spirit of the Tour of Sufferlandria here in the forum. As always, should you be caught by Fluffy or taken out by a laser goat then the team will have your back. This message will self-destruct when a mod hits the inappropriate content button. Good luck. Suffer, Suffer, Suffer. :fire:


I’m in. Already feel the pain.


** T-8 and counting team update **

The Women of Sufferlandria breakaway is currently so far ahead of the pack that rumour has it they’re already on stage 2.

Global Suffering League and Team SIR JOE are engaged in a battle of the ages. Most of them have been here for actual ages.

Wahoo have pulled together a staff team and are agilely racing up the field one sprint at a time.

The newbie SUForum and its Mods ‘n’ Rockrs are still trading turns back in the pack waiting for our moment to ATTACK. Or at least DEFEND. Or not be caught by Fluffy. There’s still time to join us if you haven’t found a team and would like some company for your misery. We may not make the podium but can’t go letting the leaders get comfortable…


The more the merrier in Team SUForum Mods n Rockrs

I am humbled to suffer with you… let’s make this tour a glorious one


Anybody still without a ticket? Come and join and help the team climb up a rank (or two).


Happy to join a team… is there one for forces/ex-forces types?



Don’t know the answer to that @Pilot_Dave but you can join our team if you like. That would double the number of members that live in Bucks :deer:


Team SUForum Mods ‘n’ Rockrs is hanging out just outside of the top 10 in the teams table right now. Must be getting close to team challenge time…


Big, big jumps from the last screenshot to where we are now.

The Woman of Sufferlandria are still reigning supreme, but Team Wahoo seems to slowly be closing the gap.

Global Suffering League and Team SIR JOE continue their battle of the ages.

SUForum Mods’n’Rockrs are barely outside of the Top-List, and I feel like we can still make it. Come on, sufferlandrians!!

Right at this moment, $329,687.00 is already raised - wow!


Not sure it would be worth me joining the team as I joined solo and haven’t any sponsorship but i’ll happily donate to you guys if you add a link to the donation page

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