TOS Stage 5! - Open! Official Thread

That was not my favourite… altough I think most of my brief opinion came down to few facts: a) riding nuclear… b) seems like my bottom bracket is giving up… c) were way too lazy changing-> rest were almost threshold… so went digging well beyond the nuclear…

Need to try Norway again with fresh legs after TOS…

maybe should drop a little down from nuclear tour, just for one day to open these legs… ouch…

I did Norway last week fresh and off new FF numbers at 100% found it quite easy. Five days in, tired legs and although off focused option numbers found it much harder. That said perfect session after the last four days and mirroring what a number have said this is def a new fave.


Can’t wait! As soon as I get off work I riding in Norway! Happy riding everyone!

The future for indoor training, in my opinion.
I think it’s hard to make these kind of video’s, but think about it. What if you could choose to ride a stage with the front group, or as the leader, or hanging at the back of the peloton… Same stage, 3 different workouts.
My indoor training dream :grin:


Top 10 guaranteed or your money back! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we donate enough to make @Magnito wear the skin suit of CF Hagen,…

Norway Fundraising Challenge?

Just a few more donations and we get so see a sight we don’t want to see…

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I did an upper body workout this morning (US ET) before jumping on the bike and doing Norway. I’m tired now! Might be an early bedtime so I can get up and do stage 6 before work tomorrow!

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Yes - Top 10 GC for me too! That was brilliant, just as good as I was hoping it’d be.

Had wondered about missing the music but didn’t even notice really as was concentrating on the action too much!

Well done to all of those that helped make it, and especially to Carl Hagen.


I enjoyed the encouragement from the DS. That and having all those low power stretches kept me optimistic all the way through. Good ride.


For those of you curious what Stage 5 has in store, check out this review of Norway from Cam Nicholls at Road Cycling Academy:


And you can help us improve Norway by filling out this anonymous survey:


Cool Just finishing :+1:

Edit: I turned off auto pause when I did it today so I could be in the super tuck on descents :sunglasses:. Recommend it. :+1:


Rode Norway today for the first time and loved it. Please make more like this. Survey done.


All decorated for tomorrow


Absolutely brilliant session! Totally immersive, amazing job Sufferfest


Got up at 5:30 a.m. so I could ride Norway for the first time ever before I went to work. I’ve discovered it’s really hard to keep pushing through long workouts after work…
Love this workout! I was absolutely enjoying it 200% until I got to the part where the DS says now the climb starts…and I realized my legs weren’t up to those two big sprints I hadn’t yet noticed, waiting for me at the end.

LOL. Love it! I can’t wait to do it again at 100% on fresh legs. Thinking I might need to take a rest day tomorrow though. GOAT the night before was a bit much for me. Thanks for the 2021 present, Sufferfest.


Riding it early Thursday morning here in the mid-west. This overnight transfer from Port Misery to Honefoss across The Great Lactic Acid Lake is tiring. I had no idea that we would be put on bikes connected by pulley to the main propeller shaft…to power ourselves across the lake. And in true Sufferlandrian fashion, the winds are blowing against us as we sail to Stage 5.


Norway was a nice change. I loved it, well that’s a little exaggerated. To hear the coaching was great. Can’t wait to do it again when i have fresh legs.


Tour fatigue is definitely kicking in. I’m doing focused and the last five minutes were a grind. It was a. pretty cool workout. Definitely something to do when a change of pace is needed on the trainer.

Onwards to stage 6!

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Hmm. I appreciate all the effort that went into designing this stage and always trying new things. Sadly, for me, this was my very least favourite stage by a long way.

I was really pumped and enthused for this stage - my pre-session goals (I write these down) included being immersed and fully in the moment, deliberate breathing etc etc.

This was in part because the description of the session includes ‘our most immersive yet’ or some such.

Well, I got my least immersive experience yet. I do not have a smart trainer (using a keiser m3i), and the gear changes were nearly impossible, even if I’d settle on a gear, I’d end up at cadences of 120 - 130 to achieve some of the rapid changes, which really, I had no hope of keeping up with at all.

The net effect was despite what is probably an awesome video, I was stuck looking only at the tiny gear change section of the screen, with no time to absorb anything else - I really couldn’t watch the video… I ended up the opposite of immersed, bored, annoyed, just wanted it to finish, not because of suffering, but because I just didn’t enjoy constant vigilance over gears (we’re talking seconds!), which for me ruined any hope of immersion.

Also, music is a big part of my experience. So the above combined with no music made the whole thing feel quite irritating.

Cobbler is immersive! Pretty much every other SUF workout I have done is immersive. This was the opposite for me.

But, that said, stage 5 down, bring on 6 and 7!