The SUF is dead, long live the Sufferfest!

Defender - soundtrack , it’s sooo hard at 100 % if you do # three right

GOAT. - Cotty , fighting cows , must go to Switzerland !

Team Scream- best story line with motivation from DS and just always on the rivet , plus if you quit you let your team down!


I’ve thought about this all day, and this really is an impossible question. Sufferfest videos don’t “tickle” the senses. I fear all of the videos equally.

But, I can tell you the videos I especially don’t like: The Omnium, Violator, the session that shall not be talked about, The Hunted, The Wretched… and I think that I don’t like these because of how much they destroy me. :face_vomiting:

I love the humour of the shorter videos - Joyride, The Cure, SUF Idol. I’d ride Cotty’s videos any day. Also love the longer rides - Cobbler, Blender and ISLAGIATT - although I don’t get to them as often as I’d like.

So. If I had to choose three, they would be, in no particular order: Butter, Team Scream, and The Chores. Like what @TTDragon said.

…and FF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Top three? That’s hard. While I think about it I’ll give you one of my top X - The Omnium. Definitely a favourite and one of my most ridden workouts. Enjoy the visuals, the music (except when the commentator gets cut off mid-sent…), the variety. And because it’s a track simulation you can (should, must… no power meters on the track :wink: ) turn off the numbers and go with the flow, old school style. Suits my not-going-to-do-as-I’m-told approach and saves me from having to fix the targets :slight_smile:

Going against the flow, I have to say that I’m not a fan of Team Scream. Too long for my TTBS threshold given the lack of variety. Can’t finish The Bat, zzzz. Big fan of the 30 minute sessions though with The Cure being my favourite of those (despite the donuts and trumpets).

Off topic but hey - would love to have some more mashups. Not driven by all the newfangled everything-has-to-have-a-purpose trainy science stuff, just some cool mix of intervals for the old school fun of it. Not another Kitchen Sink though please, one of those is more than enough.


I think you make a valid point here.
Intervals that serve the story as much as the story serves the intervals.


You mean like The Omnium? Well that closes a circle :slight_smile:

  1. Defender: I love the music, humor and scenes from the chasing in mountains. But most of all it is a good test of my FTP Endurance. Set 1, 2 and 4 is at same cadence, set 3 is much faster and harder. My heart rate in set 4 is higher than 1 and 2, but should be lower than set 3. If i go to much in red sone in #3 i will have nearly the same heart rate in #4 as #3. Train harder

  2. 14 Vise Grips; intervalls in different length and different rest period. Not boring

  3. Revolver: simple, easy enough but also hard enoug. Always satisfied after finishing this one

  4. Teams Scream; I looked at the profile and waited a long time before i dared to try this one, it looked seriusly hard. But this is a good one, always makes me smile and suffer.


HHNF Love the race feel and pushing my threshold limits trying to hang on.
TEAM SCREAM Another perfect workout in my wheelhouse imaging myself pulling the train
TOOL SHED Just enough of the workouts I just curse but I know will make me a better Sufferlandrian

  1. Norway - coolest ride and feels nearly like you are in the race
  2. Rising from the Ashes - lovely recovery and awesome video
  3. The Dogs Life series just because the video is so cool

Might have to send you on fast track course to learn you Sufferfest history Gisela!



I thought that too but, to be fair, these still appear in the old app so…

  1. Norway - I loved the new approach and the new branding has led to more of these. Just planned a programme and featuring the new pro rides into those on a weekly basis.
  2. GOAT - my go to workout for when I am just not feeling it. Great video, great scenery and commentary from Mike Cotty and just fun (sorry…suffering)
  3. Nine Hammers - not because I like it, but when I complete it I know that I have learnt how to cross into a new realm of suffering. I haven’t completed it yet on 100% without a pause. More mental conditioning needed

The rebranding is cool and can understand it from Wahoo company perspective. But they will do well not to lose the sufferfest brand and what it means to people.

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In no particular order

  1. The Wretched
  2. Original Angels
  3. The Rookie

A bit old school but the first two were my absolute go to bids for years pre app days. And the original angels was brilliant. I enjoyed the storyline element against Contador. I also did Liege Bastogne Liege sportive a few years ago and going up Cote de la Redoute after watching these guys race up there was an utter eye opener!! (Leg destroyer)
Equally I found I could hit and stay at my absolute limit chasing Cadel up that mountain with Mr Herzop’s tune banging in my head in the Wretched. I pushed harder than I thought I could. And the music in both just seems to fit really well
Then rookie came along and the immersive nature was a game changer. Brilliant footage and I still find myself leaning loads during this video.

There are plenty of newer ones that are brilliant. (Cobbler, Team scream. And recharger makes me feel great!) but these will probably always be my favs.



1 - Angels
cos it was my first ever Sufferfest video, downloaded almost exactly 8 years ago

2 - A Very Dark Place
just because I love dark places in general and the ones in Sufferlandria in particular. they’re extra special deluxe so to speak

3 - The Way Out
made me fall in love with the highest road pass in the European Alps, the Col de l’Iséran which I then managed to climb the following summer

  1. Shovel - Because I enjoy blood spilling from my eyes.

  2. Omnium - Because I enjoy soiling my kit.

  3. Team Scream - Because I love the taste of bile in the back of my throat.


I literally laughed out loud at your responses!