The Hunted as Birthday Ride

Hi there!
Today is my birthday and for some reason I decided to ride The Hunted for the first time. I really enjoyed/suffered the workout and then what a nice surprise I got in the cool-down at the end… a happy birthday song!
My suggestion for the coaches and/or minions is to schedule The Hunted in every training plan on the rider’s birthday. It really made me smile and feel special! :smile:

@madmax Great idea - The Hunted workout is a personal favorite of mine and was my hour power record for a while. This year I have a race on my b-day but perhaps I will follow your lead at another time.

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For my birthday ride I did ISLTA. I got 1 mile more than my birthday, so that worked out nicely. You must be pretty young to be able to ride The Hunted and be able to match your birthday in mileage. Or maybe you’re in REALLY good shape. Or both. :rofl:

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Haha well I rode it at 95% intensity and got to 33,8 km. And it was my 35th birthday, so if I would have done it at 100% it would have been perfect :slight_smile: