The 9th Hammer -- Too much? Just right?

I did FF yesterday and tested the new numbers with 9H today. During the warm-up, before the first hammer, I was already feeling lead in my legs from yesterday’s FF. I rode hammers 1-8 pretty much at target, suffering all the while, but I had to drop 5%-10% during the ninth hammer in order to complete the workout. So, I’m confident that my new FF numbers are accurate, and I’m certain that the ninth hammer is just right. I really like the suffering that NH dishes.





@jkorngold Congrats on the new numbers! Definitely give yourself some time to recover next time. It will make a big difference.


I did 9 hammers (almost perfectly) right before Sufferlandria was annexed and recently with the new numbers. It is definitely not as grueling with the new numbers. I hit all my power targets this time and never felt like I was going to black out. I could always finish 1-7 on target, but burst into flames as 9 ramped up at the end. Now, the fake recovery between 8&9 is easier and 9’s targets are lower, so finishing on target is possible but still challenging. My average power looked similar, but weighted power numbers were about 5% higher before the adjustment.


I’m new to Sufferfest, riding for a few months and have done 9H 3 times so far. I couldn’t complete it the first time, but have finished it on my last 2 attempts. I like it because I know its going to be hard and I know its good for me. After reading thru these posts, I see that its time for me to try the FF again.
I transtioned to Wahoo Systm and Sufferfest from Zwift. I really like how the plans are structured and how challenging the workouts are.


@Jeff.XCSkier Welcome and congrats on 9 hammers. It is a great benchmark workout.

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Sometimes it is too hard, which makes it just right.

Did the targets change? Or, the on-screen power measurements?

Love the “fake recovery” point!

The targets were lowered a bit. Nine Hammers remains very difficult, but it is now achievable with accurate numbers.