The 9th Hammer -- Too much? Just right?

Tried it today and it was pretty tough but I completed it and didn’t feel like I was going to quit like usual. I didn’t have to switch to level mode for last 2 hammers. Looking back at past goes at this my heart rate got to similar levels and ave power overall v similar too. Now wondering if I expected to complete it this time and its all mind over matter as I didn’t fear it!


Out of interest, was the experience more positive for having finished it?


Yes I think so. I’ll likely do it more often, always the option of dialling it up at end (unlikely!)


Done twice at the new levels. Just barely managed first, then not quite at the next. I guess it’s about right for me now

Done it today on refreshed 4DP numbered from end of August.
Still tough, but not as tough as used to be.
Didn’t for a second felt like quitting (which used to be the feeling in the past).
With that, also doesn’t feel as rewarding upon completion. Which is a bummer after putting all that efforts.

The average (-4watts) and NP (-8watts) doesn’t tell the whole story.
The main difference I have found is the 9th hammers which was 20-30 watts lower.

I now know to push it manually up a bit next time I’m doing 9H.

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@Avner Seems like the big difference is the dip between #8 and #9 - it was about 10 watts less for me despite higher numbers giving me more recovery. The wattage on #9 was higher for me overall but again on new numbers. What saved me was the lack of a spike at the end and better rest between #8 and #9. Frankly I would rather finish the workout - this one has been messing with my head for a long time.


I’ve never completed it at 100% in all the times I’ve done it, so…

Ha. Not a chance. My own experience is the reductions are really small. Or at least my legs and lungs are saying they are.
About to try hey again mind you.

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Did 9 Hammers today as part of a 4 Week Map Plan after doing Vise Grips/Attacker and There is No Try last week and a 4DP Saturday week ago where I increased FTP, MAP and NM. I also run 3 times a week about 20-30 miles as well. I’m 48 and I found 9 Hammers tonight hard as but completed it on 100%. I’m only 55kgs so my FTP is 207 and MAP is 248. What I found was that even though the Hammers were tough the recoveries gave me enough time to get my HR down to the proper recovery zone. And the 8th Hammer for me being the worst as the 9th is 2 minutes of hanging on at the Power Target then 1 minute of just sprinting/powering through it until you get to 0:00. I’m a very firm believer in not going too far over the watts you have to hit as it’s just wasted energy I’d rather stay as close to the power targets as possible which leaves you more in the tank for those later efforts.

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I’m a newbie. I loved 9H. It blew me away that it brought me almost exactly to my breaking point and then stopped. Pretty good advertisement for the the whole 4DP thing.


I did Nine Hammers today and it was as hard as ever.
After all, any workout where I have to use a little mental training to get through the cool down at the end is tough.

I think the TSS and IF values (for all that they real mean in a 4DP world) actually went up a little.


I did a half monty this week, which showed lower numbers than before, i felt really disappointed. I ignored the lower numbers, and punished myself with nine hammers on my old Numbers. Guess the frustration was enough to pull me through all 9 of them. Although the 7th hammer really put me into self doubt: how can I finish 8 or even 9 if 7 is this hard?? A really nice mental game, which luckily I won.

Feeling great again, and I will pretend my disappointing half monty didnt happen.