SYSTM Shift Indoors Event

I think you ought to finish this challenge in style and complete it with the last minute of Nine Hammers.

Of course, you need to get to that last minute first…


When does the achievement badge in the SYSTM app update to show completion of the challenge?

Mine showed up that same day. I didn’t check
Immediately, but when I completed it in the morning it was already lit up by the afternoon at least. In theory should light up as soon as your final qualifying workout has finished syncing.

Thanks. Hate to bother support with such a trivial complaint but I did open a ticket.

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A small, but important detail: Strava counts any indoor activity toward the challenge. So, for example, if you do 30 minutes on Zwift, it counts. Eligibility for prizes is based on Strava. Within SYSTM, to get the badge, you have to do all the activity on SYSTM itself. So you could be in a situation, depending on where you’ve done your indoor activity, that you get the badge in Strava but not in SYSTM.


Thanks, so I need to register on Strava to try and win goodies, Systm for the badge. Excellent :grin:

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Exactly. :+1::grin:

Got it. Thanks for the response.

I searched for it, but couldn’t find a date when the prize draw would be done.
Or are the 4 women/men already happily spinning on their new equipment?

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