SYSTM seems fine to me!

Hello Sufferlandrians!
I know we don’t NEED the badges, though I was pleased to earn 2 new badges for riding all of the ‘On Location’ videos with Mike Cotty. I have been fortunate to travel and ride a few epic routes in the regions, so I was happily motivated to try these new offerings. I have also done “Who Dares” and “Butter” for the amazing editions of Paris-Roubaix Femmes et Hommes. I also tried my legs with Alessandro Demarchi on Jebel Jais in the UAE Tour! Nice experience!The first 3 weeks of the new SYSTM have been absolutely fine for Liisa and I. We have relatively new Mac iOS MacBooks & iPhones so the transition has been seamless for us. We both love the imagery and culture of Sufferlandria, though I really like the “friggin Lazer Goats.” Nonetheless, I also like Liisa’s Sufferlandrian ‘Bleeding Eyes” jersey, especially when she is
wearing it :). This remains a great platform with even more opportunities within SYSTM. More yoga, strength and mental training is fabulous!