SYSTM push workout to Wahoo app

Is it possible for SYSTM to send workout data to the wahoo app? I have always dual recorded my workouts using my Bolt so I have all the data in the Elemnt app. I’m just wondering if it would be better to have the Wahoo app collect data from SYSTM and the Elemnt app so it sits nicely in one place and I don’t have to dial record. Anyway to do that?

Seems weird, but it doesn’t look like it.

Separately, since you @TTDragon use the Elemnt app as a record, are you aware of a way to view the information on a computer? I only know how to view it on the app in my iOS devices.

No, as far as I know you can only view it on the app.

It only occurred to me last night that it was weird that SYSTM didn’t at least give the option to share data with the Wahoo app.