Systm not saving/syncing activities

Yes - logged with support. They replied and said my ride was not logged and to sign out and sign in to the app and then test another ride.

I have not done another ride yet but noticed that rescheduling rides in the calendar does not update. It does update correctly on desktop. Makes me think the background/auto update of the app on iPad is broken and hence rides not saved.

I’ll test with a ride and update here.

I had this same problem on iOS (iPad) a few weeks ago. The only way I was able to solve it was to uninstall and reinstall the app.

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That solves a lot of problems! In the first month or two after SYSTM came out, I did that a lot. Haven’t had to for quite a while now.

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@AkaPete @RServranckx

Thanks. I deleted and reinstall the app and problem solved. I advised support as well.

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