Switching end plan Full Frontal by a race

@Jtridon what is your native language? I can poll the coaches to see if anyone is sufficiently fluent.

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@WahooCoach_Corey I’m French

Sounds like El Tour de Tucson! Several riders missed the five hour cutoff by about 15 seconds due to a screw up on the final chute…
And you can join JDRF in Death Valley if you miss the Tour de Cure that much!

Actually if I am going to do an alternate ride, it would be Tour de Cure in Napa. I have never done it but how bad can a ride through the wine country be?


You have to resist the urge to stop all the time! I have a friend who abandoned us for Borgio Springs. He hasn’t made it down here for the last two years and is shivering at the US/Canada border…

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