Surprising struggle

Finished the TT plan, took 4 days off and decided to focus on strength /yoga with the base plan. The first couple of z1 rides were ridden in upper z2, kayabike yesterday was a struggle riding about 10-15 heart beats into z3. Today was half the road and I ground to a halt after an hour. I was riding with my HR about 10 below my normal stop stop riding level. I dropped to 90 watts under threshold but still could hardly pedal. I have spent 3 hours flopped on the bed, I was never like this with the chores, butter, even 9 hammers sees me bounce back fairly quickly .Whats going on? I was taking alternate sips of an energy and electrolyte drink every 5 mins…so that should not have been an issue.

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Hi @alchurch

Last year, during the transition between summer and fall I did a couple of outdoor rides when I could barely get my legs back without apparent reasons.
Everything settled back within a week or two of low/medium intensity job, and I returned to previous levels in a month.

I blamed the change of season.
Don’t take me at face value, this is just my experience.

Best wishes for your recovery.


Covid or coming down with something?

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My WHOOP strap usually provides clues in how my sleep went etc that translate to on the bike performance or lack thereof the next day.

If you’re new to adding strength/yoga it may take a while to adapt. When I starred strength work, I battled with the bike for ages until I adapted


No help, but right there with you. Took a much-needed two weeks off while moving my daughter to university. Started a metric century plan last week, prepping for a knighthood ride end-of-the-year-ish. Butter, Shovel, 9H and Defender right out of the blocks. Had to dial down to 85-90% to make it through.

Long ride yesterday the first I’ve felt not complete @#$% in the past two weeks.


Thanks for reply Scotty, I feel otherwise fine

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That could be it, thanks for replying. Much of my training has been hard efforts with recovery.Sustained riding, even though low intensity seems to be draining me fast. Scotty, I do not have whoop, but after the lie down yesterday, I checked HRV and got one of my best scores in 6 months

Thanks for replying Dame Lisa. I have been doing an hour of pilates a week, but I have yet to adapt to the added strength program

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Might be it, but keep an eye on things, like getting ill etc. Sometimes I find I need a complete break between training plans of about a week as well.

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Also try tracking your diet for a week, eat normally and see if you are getting enough macros, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc.

I’d also say if it gets worse instead of better, consult your doctor.


That’s a good idea actually. I didn’t even think of that and I suffer from low iron :woman_facepalming:t4:

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I also recently started the strength training, and everytime I am very amazed by how much my legs hurt from these workouts. It seems like easy when you do it, and its just a 12 minute workout. But the next day and day after I really feel it in my legs.
Once i made the mistake to not do a proper warmup before the strength, and I felt that for at least 3 days. Have been skipping some hard workouts because of this, and thought waiting out the recovery would be better, or just doing a recovery ride instead.

A big thank you to everyone who replied