Sufferfest on roller trainers

+1 for TICKR X double tap function… I don’t use it for anything, actually. So this would be a great integration!

I don’t use it for cycling either. It is great for marking laps treadmill running though. I’d recommend setting it for lap marking in the treadmill profile. I’ve used it a bit outdoor running but it doesn’t like clothing. You end up punching yourself in the chest.

The cadence function is already in Sufferfest with atleast the TICKR X version 2. When I connect it as a a heart rate monitor two icons appear in devices: a heart and a cadence one. Not tried it though. I did try running the Wahoo app and Sufferfest together: it’s almost creepily accurate.

I have HM on the program Sunday morning. I’ll tell the boss on Monday morning that I’m still cooked…

Yes. Stay off the bike for a week:)

My “boss” tells me that any suffering on the bike is irrelevant and counts for nought because it’s self-inflicted.

My buddy is running SUF on rollers too now. He uses a Stages on a Shimano setup. Used, he paid about €200 for the power meter. It’s very affordable and accurate (according to DCrainmaker) if you are not too worried about left/right split.

The “virtual watts” feature is not going to be accurate - there are too many variables. I have enabled the speed feature on my SUF app which uses the same data to make calculations. It reads too low as even a slight difference in how close the magnet is to the roller makes a big difference to the numbers.

So to make an interminable post short… Don’t bother with Virtual Watts - use Perceived Exertion and HR to the point where you get hold of a power meter. A Powertap hub will also give you cadence. I run a wahoo cadence sensor and in comparison with the Powertap, the Powertap is fine up to about 150rpm. It struggles after that.

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Oh, my version of that “boss” has much the same attitude

My home boss was glad that my HM was better than last time.
My work boss was happier as the FTP values are getting better than more than half the guys he coaches.

No falling off the rollers on HM, no corners to steer around.

A dark night of Sufferlandria.

That sounds awesome, maybe a rollers mission would be worthy of that honour @David.McQuillen.KoS thoughts!

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“Kickers and the like are for couchlandrians in disguise.” Shots fired :slight_smile:

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Rollers and the like are for pretty pedalers like anquetil. All supplesse, no strength!!
Shots fired back!

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Mmmm, having rode my kickr gen1 until it died (but not before I could grind out a KoS) and now on rollers I’d say that every video is new again. Danceur while dropping watt bombs takes on a whole new meaning…!

Have you got smart rollers? I’ve been looking at the elite neros. Totally agree it would make any session twice as challenging!!

:slight_smile: picked up the Nero’s last week!

They are nice with some caveats…

  1. The onboard power reporting (understandably) is way off. As a result you need to pair them with a bike PM. This is done in the app and then the Nero will send your bikes PM data as its own. (its like… Power matching… something the SUF app cant do yet!) The bike PM cannot be paired with anything else as if it is Nero gets confuzzed.
  2. Resistance ramp up is slow so Im not sure how the setup will handle rides like Half is easy.
  3. You do feel like a badass rocking >300w intervals on rollers.
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Yeah, I read a bit about the power being understandably off. If I do get a set (and you’re talking me into it), I was going to sync to some garmin rally pedals.

Pretty keen to get the neros now. It’d be great to get the track bike going on a smart trainer. Not sure how it will pan out when the watt hammer :hammer: hits you in erg mode though!!!

Ha, I’m using the Garmin vectors3.

Remember to set the “half power” when you pair the PM in the app…! Took me a ride to figure that you :slight_smile:

Some technical questions for the sufhive. Here is the latest suffering:

I found that the rollers took longer (than expected) to dial up to the target power (my interval targets were 350w) (could this be because I was on 3s power on my PM?)
I found that even when it did hit the target the power also backed off 15-20w which on the moment I was happy/sad about.

General roller questions:

  1. This is my first 50min ride and I’ve noticed that my hands get tired - I don’t think I’m squeezing the bar, in fact I’m making a point of resting palms on the cross bar aka climbing position. Any ideas why? What do I need to change or is it a adaptability aka HTFU situation?
  2. While I can ride whiteout a care for >5hrs on the road, 40 mins into this ride I noticed numb equipment in the nethers, and when I got off the bike my sit bones really hurt. Normally I’d say bike fit but mine is dialled professionally. Also adaptability/HTFU? - the numbness I’m not a fan of.


Everything is fixable with some HTFU.
Numbness is an issue for me too and I feel (pun intended) it’s a bad thing. Don’t tell anyone but I will generally stop during resting intervals for about 10 seconds for a quick massage of the bollox area to get some circulation going. About three/four times during an hour long vid. Sometimes I get out of the saddle for a bit to make things interesting. That helps.
I also get slight numbness in my hands. Which would be great if I was still 17.

I stopped getting numbness in my hands when I stopped gripping the handlebars tightly and lowered my shoulders. I am far from 17.

I’ll stand regularly during recovery sections to take some pressure off. One thing with rollers is there is no way to stop pedaling (otherwise you’d be falling off!), so taking any chance you get to mix up your position is a good thing to do.