Sufferfest integration into Zwift

Hey everyone!

I am about to start a training plan on the sufferfest and was asking myself if there’s any chance to have these workouts integrated into Zwift. So I could ride in the Zwift app with my friends but am doing a SUF Workout.

I really like the idea of using training peaks for outdoor workouts to sync with my Wahoo computer, but as the SUF training plans in TP only contain structured workouts for the outdoors, this wouldn’t be a workaround.

I am happy to get any updates on this (:


Well integrating you could create the erg file and use it to train on zwift, or as others do, run the apps in parallel, however, if you are on ANT+ you need two ant+ receivers one for zwift and one for suff. As for Bluetooth, i don’t know if conflict exists. Hope this helps you.

If you do the workout and your friends on Zwift don’t, wouldn’t that bring you and your friends totally out of sync? I cannot se the point to this unless your friends are also doing the same workout?

@Magnito good point, AFAIK if you ride in group mode on zwift there’s some feature that keeps you riding together, but as am not a Zwifter i don’t know exactly the details how that works

True @JC2020, I believe they call it rubberbanding. Not sure if it is avaliable for meetups.

However, I found when doing group workouts in Zwift and doing 400w @ 20 km/h was really annoying. That said, I can relate to being “social” under current circumstances, but would instead do group ride during a recovery session rather than workout.


Might not be the answer you’re looking for, but one solution is to have both running at the same time and turn the controllable option off on Zwift.

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What I do is run Sufferfest on my iPad with blue tooth and Zwift on my Mac Pro with ant+ and deselect trainer control on Zwift. Than do a ride in Zwift as an individual.

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@JC2020 and @Magnito reference the rubberbanding approach above - that is key here. It is realisitcally the only way that will work IF your primsry goal is to be “physically with” people on the Zwift screen.

Assuming that is your primary goal, as people has mentioned, you can use dual recording to then achieve it, and therefore you don’t need SUF workouts to be ‘workouts’ in Zwift.

It would be something like this:

  1. You set up your devices so that the trainer is connected to SUF first, in controllable mode if your use ERG, to run your workout in SUF. You start up Zwift and use a second ANT dongle or bluetooth to then allow Zwift to read the power output too (otherwise you won’t move on screen, but actually as long as there’s like 10W being produced you’ll move with the group anyway - more on that later*)

  2. You and your friends either join a Group Ride where “Keep everyone together” has been set by the ride organiser, or someone creates a Meetup with that set (I’ve never done a meetup that way but I’m sure that was introduced)

  3. Get zwift ready for the time the group meertup or group ride starts, and you can just start your SUF workout in advance so you’re moving.

  4. Let the Zwift ride start on it’s own, and you can then chat away to your friends using your keyboard if that’s the ultimste goal.

Pro’s: You have a sense of group riding, abilityto chat while doing so
Con’s: The group will be at the pace of the slowest rider, so if someone soft pedals for any length of time at 10W, you’ll see that your’fre doing (say 200W) but moving t 5km/h. That can be a bit annoying puting out max watts and not ‘going anywhere’ (please no-one point pout its only a computer game)
Another con - when Suffering, we are often working so hard that trying to chat is tough - as that’s the point of the SUF workouts a lot of the time - but if it’s ‘easier’ ones or recovery ones obvs then that can work.

Hope that helps, fire away if any questions about two dongles, connectivity etc

For what it’s worth - for some testing I did a while back, I’ve connected four different apps at once (depends on your kit), so it’s all do’able having power picked up more than once.


And welcome to the forum @ex144 David