StagesBike SB20 power not reading

StagesBike SB20 connects and reads cadence but not power (just says 0 W) with new SYSTMapp. Never had any issues with the old Sufferfest app.

Have tried disconnecting/reconnecting bike in the SYSTM app but get same results. Firmware on StagesBike is up to date.

Anyone have similar issues?

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I have similar issue with my Magene T300 trainer. It is controllable under ERG mode(resistance changes across sessions), but the watt number won’t read, it shows “- -” in the panel. The only thing I can do now is to use my laptop with ANT+

Hi there, same Applies to me. Nothing to be seen, 0 power and cadence is incorrectly shown. It doens’t matter if I use the iPhone or ipad. On the ipad though, the icon of the app is still in the sufferfest style. Hopefully this is quickly cleared!

I also have this issue with my Stages Sb20.

As a workaround, I connect my left pedal with the app and let that one be responsible for power and cadence.

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That give only 50% watts though

Did a full ERG mode workout with this fix and it seems fine.

Not sure if it’s doubling the left power reading or if the the left is acting as master (that’s how the Stages LR meters work when used on a non-trainer bike) but it’s definitely not reading 50%.

Yes, I think the right pedal just gives out 50%,but if you pair the left pedal you get 100% of your power transferred. But I’m also clueless, if it’s just doubling the left power meter or acting as master.