Software crash when starting video training


I haven’t used SYSTM for a few weeks. A few days ago I went back to the software. It turned out that I have, among others out of date credit card details so I updated it, but the software was also updated to 7.13.1. It all coincided with a server crash. Since then, I have had a problem on my Windows 8.1 computer playing training videos. When PLAY is turned on, the program turns off. Workouts without video work fine.
Since I still have The Sufferfest app and the SYSTM training plan also appears in it, I can run the same workouts via The Sufferfest. Everything works fine here.

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SYSTM requires Windows10 from what I remember. Windows8 is a hit and miss…

@jmckenzieKOS is right and complete minimum software requirements you can find here

Plus Windows 8 is not maintained by Microsoft. Your system is at risk and you might lose more than the ability to ride your bike.

I have the same problem and want to download an older version of Systm! Somebody know where i can get an older version?

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For now, Windows 8 is being updated by microsoft. Yesterday it downloaded and installed another update.
But as I can see, the SYSTM system requirements actually only include Windows 10. And I don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue: