Small ‘event’ tonight - prep to do my best

Hi coaches/folks.

Going to try and push myself tonight by joining some friends on an open road ‘TT’ thing (ignoring the fact that it is up/down/crazy steep and tight at times … lets just ignore the 12-13 miles (nut sure exactly) of pain)

I’m only ‘racing’ against myself as these folks are all club rider types, BUT i want to find out how hard I can push for 12 miles and get a ‘real world’ example of how much effort I can put in out of personal interest.

As it starts only a few miles away, I was going to actually do a warm up so that my lungs don’t die in the first mile (I don’t have good lungs).
I can do that at home, but if I do that, then I’ll then have 3 miles to ride (so can stay warm) BUT then I have to stand around for 20 minutes before I actually go (1 minute intervals)

So is there any point in doing a warm up which will be 20 minutes before starting?

Coaches? You folks must have to deal with these scenarios when you have racers?

I would definitely do the warmup. When I race it’s not unusual to sit on the start line for the best part of 20mins, I don’t think there is any science to say warmup needs to end within X minutes of start for max benefit, it was a topic on a TR podcast I listened to recently.

You might want to check out Best Bike Split to give you an idea of what power you want to be putting out on the climbs to pace it correctly.

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Thanks. Don’t have access to bbs, so yeah, it’ll no doubt be a downward curve from minute 1 to minute 40

You can use it free! You can only load one course and bike profile, but should be enough for your TT

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I’ll see if I can create a proper route somehow. Thanks. Apparently Strava routes are not valid (no elevation data) so I’m going to dig around if I’ve time after work. Thanks again.

PS. My paid Komoot account allows routes to be created with elevation so that worked fine.

Apparently the files are for use wth Garmin devices only which is a shame (or maybe they just have a commercial agfreement/tie with Garmin and it’ll work with a Bolt - which I’ll find out as I’ll try it anyway if it’s possible to load via the ELMNT app)

Sir @Martin, as such a regular contributor you probably have been through this thread many times but just in case you forgot about this post from @Coach.Neal.H:

I used it recently for a 21km mountain time trial I did after mapping my route on Strava, using the gradients/ distances from Strava, and tying it in with my previous efforts on the route. Not as spot on as if done a bit more accurately but I broke the TT into 5 segments with a %FTP required for each to make up what %FTP I believed I could sustain over the TT - and I crushed my previous best up the beastly/ beautiful HC climb. For 1.13 my overall power was 95% of my FTP so my calculations and ability to ride to them weren’t too far off.

May you crush the ride!

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@Martin I am pretty sure it works with the Bolt too.

Best of luck on the ride!

Yes Komoot exports to the bolt fine.

But a bestbikesplit power file is advertised as only going to Garmin as Garmin have a specific head unit capability for it. It’s that best bike split file that needs uploaded.

Komoot is only used to give BBS a route for it to then analyse.

@Craig.Quarmby thanks.

For various reason in the last month I’ve kinda been asleep or doing some other stuff. Thanks for the link.

:+1: Hope it helps. And now you have to let us all know how it goes!!!

Ok, this looks like what I typically do so all good. Just hit the (short) rises harder, the concept of pedalling at all in the downs isn’t one I can contemplate, and repeat :slight_smile:
Main thing is the warmup thing so my lungs didn’t die.
The legs will be whatever they are.

Yes absolutely. About 9pm probably (reporting in)


Good luck tonight, hope you have a good ride. :+1:

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@Martin Ah - need to work on my reading comprehension skills again! Good luck!

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In case anyome is interested, linking BBS via the Elemnt app is possible.
Then any ‘race’ files that you’ve created in BBS are uploaded as Routes to the Bolt when Sync happens.

There’s a page here in BBS that shows howto use the data - will try it later

Thanks @Craig.Quarmby


P’ing rain, not much wind, and off we go…… I definitely found having a few days off recently v helpful for the lungs, and while the first half was crazy suffering (every hill seems just too steep, every descent needs brakes for the corners and back up again) I know the road, just got to be sensible in the rivers and tight corners.
Then used what energy I had left on what is largely normal B class roads home.
Finished with a 20s sprint to the line and max he right after that. Pretty much a rising HR all the way to the end.
Pretty happy with that.
13.3 miles, 500ft, 38 minutes, 21.0mph.
Tired now and coughing my way through the contents of the fridge.
Happy with that given my capability level


Congratulations Sir. That sounds like a superb effort/outcome, especially given the conditions. And yes, it does sound like the warm-up issues you feared may have played a role at the start.

Well done!

PS Did you land up using BBS or not enough time?

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Hi Craig. I did use BBS. It was partially usable on the Bolt if I looked at the route page, but the primary thing is to have the target power displaying and that wasn’t populating (BBS says it should). So that made it harder.

I haven’t investigated why the target power doesn’t show when the route has the info. One for another time.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Good ol’ tech. When I crudely put pacing numbers in for my TT segments I had worked out approximate target times for each segment (to go with the power targets) and put those in my Garmin to use the Virtual Partner to help with pacing. I then promptly forgot to * them in Strava so they never loaded on my Garmin. :sweat_smile:

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