Seeking clarification on Who Dares last sprint

I think first question would be: Have you done Full Frontal to get the most accurate 4DP? Your Neuromuscular Power (what we base most sprints off) can only be calculated effectively using Full Frontal. If you’ve only done Half Monty (or no test at all), it’s likely that the level is set too low for you.

But not the sprints in Who Dares, they’re based on AC. My view for these - celebrate that you’re not constrained by erg and do an effort that you think is right for the “sprint” based on the RPE number and text prompts. Ha, that’s pretty much my view for any interval :grinning:


Thanks guys - very helpful! And correct, I’ve only done the half monty so far - full frontal is mercifully several weeks away on the plan!

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First time done on Sunday, need to admit that with actual 4DP numbers i had hard time to really follow the instructions, as it was pure suffer². Great workout, but indeed the peak intervall for me is not the last intervall either. Anyway, i suffered like hell, my legs are toasted and crampy (thanks to that nice AC sets), so it was a beautiful Sunday. :slight_smile: