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Stupid question - how does one get to the web app?


Never used that before…

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Not stupid at all.

Cheers - I think I found it just as you were posting it. I’m not sure I have the right-swipe functionality though (windows 10, no mouse). Worth a try though!

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You have a back button on a windows keyboard though or some kind of keyboard way to go back a page on a web browser.

This is true. I wasn’t expecting it to keep the filters (and so be no fewer key presses than just hitting Library) but it does. That’s a pleasant surprise! Thanks.

The problem now of course is that due to my tests I have 14 Vise Grips scheduled to be done today. 6 times. Bummer.

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Brilliant. I want to see a pic of your calendar showing them all completed. 84 Vise Grips. Like Violator only for MAP efforts. :joy::smiling_imp:


Do it 10, and count it as your Knighthood. :wink:

It wouldn’t count but it would be EPIC!

I’ve no real interest in a knighthood, but I’d actually be more keen on this!


Oh please please please make it so!!

evil laugh