Searching Systm

Is it possible to search Systm for rides specific to sustained weakness or neuromuscular etc.? If so, how?!!

Welcome to the forums @Dave_Jackson! If you go to the library, you can choose either cycling or any of the channels (Sufferfest, GCN etc) then click the arrow by Filter and you can then sort by FTP (ie sustained) or NM

Here is a pic from iOS but desktop is similar


Cheers Glen, Hadn’t tried that on my Android phone and it works fine so no biggy now as I can narrow down my search to find a workout prior to training. However the 4DP option isn’t there on my laptop (windows) which is what I actually use when training.

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It took me a few tries to replicate the screen you pictured on my PC. Instead of clicking Library > Sufferfest > Filters, try Library > Cycling > Filters. You can still narrow to just Sufferfest workouts if you want (it’s one of the filter options), but you’ll also be able to select 4DP focus.

Here’s a PC screenshot:


Bingo! Cheers pal.

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Roger, because in the new app they separated out “tests” as it’s own chapter - outside of Sufferfest. Not really sure why. Good catch @AkaPete.

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So, I would say that not being able to sort by 4DP Focus once you’ve selected a channel (ie Sufferfest, ProRides, GCN etc) is an oversight. I see absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t be there. If it’s an option under the Cycling Category, it should also be an option under all the Cycling Channels too. The minions need to hear about this :slight_smile:

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@Glen.Coutts Agree. I posted about it in the Wednesday feedback topic.