Running SYSTM On Raspberry Pi 4 (Unofficial ;-) )

The Android and iOS versions of the app don’t have Ant+ support unfortunately.

Good luck with your build :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently switched over to Bluetooth hardware, the Wahoo HR strap, cadence puck, etc are all dual ANT+ and Bluetooth (so are the trainers btw). I suggest you do the same.

My Ancient Edge 800 still receives data and I don’t have to deal with the crappy ANT+ drop outs and bad signal.

Think about it, it’s worth it.

As suspected… It works flawlessly.
I’ve no experience as hardware reviewer, so don’t expect much from me but…
For me, Mipad 5 is a valuable alternative for using SYSTM at an affordable price.

Very smooth video and sound always in sync. Bluetooth doesn’t loose a beat . Only some initial difficulties connecting devices for the first time. I just finished a no-vid in level mode and the numbers corresponded to the data recorded by garmin bike computer AC: 6x45s so very quick value changes during efforts (deadly session ).
Very good display with a wide angle of view.
I did some few sessions by now, some yoga and some strenght video in mirroring with a fire tv 4k. I found in this case just a minimum delay in transmitted images but I think it’s physiological.

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I think that’s the big plus of it now being in Android, soooo many more options and especially at the lower price ranges.


If only Apple TV could run Android… :wink: (go Appledroid :apple::robot::grin:)


Out of curiosity, was there much of a price reduction of being in the early bird?

I suppose it can be considered a good deal. 25% discount on the list price.

Due to the delay in delivery, they offered to send a smartband as well.

I don’t know if they’re extending the early bird period. On the website is still not available at the moment in restocking. I think manufacturers have troubles with the lack of microchips.

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