Riding with the Fast & Famous

Have you ever gone for a ride with a celebrity? Let’s see photos of who you rode with that the rest of us might know. I’ll kick it off. Back in 2012, when I was living in Singapore, I got to go for a ride with Formula 1 star Jenson Button (he was in town for the Singapore F1 race). He was training for triathlon and so a small group of us took him out – he’s pretty fast on a bike, too!


If we can be flexible with the definition of “famous” then I’ve had the opportunity to ride with a whole bunch of famous knights including Sir Nathan Koch, Sir David Juarez, Dame Jo Ganley and Dame Ruby Zambrano, and the magnificent women of SUF camp 2019


lol I think technically I’m infamous, not famous :joy:


SUF Camp was so fun! You were all so amazing, I definitely felt like I was meeting SUF-celebrities!


Unfortunately I don’t have any pics from proper rides but I’ve had a couple of celebrity run ins at sportives

Favourite one was at the start of the first Ride London on 2013. Started in a pen alongside Laura Trott, Dani King and the rest of the then Wiggle Honda squad. Rode next to Laura Trott for about half a mile. She’s so tiny, but even just rolling along you could tell she had a ridiculous amount of power!

Also started a couple of Sportives next to Martin Johnson who was England’s captain when we won the Rugby World Cup. He’s like the polar opposite of Laura as he’s the size of a mountain!!

But my true moment of glory was when I won a pass to an Oakley launch event in London and got to meet and race Mark Cavendish. Best bit was, I beat him!! :slight_smile: think he took one look at my lard arse and thought he’d just beat me a bit, he looked at bit surprised at the end after I unloaded a Suf smack down on him :- :joy:


Dame @janis.denning that London event was so cool, getting to meet you guys and watch you ride “hard” in that race was pretty awesome!!


I rode with David Millar for about a millisecond. I was grinding up a local slope in my granniest gear when this rider pulled up alongside, gave me a brief greeting and shot off like a scalded rabbit. It was DM . He looked so smooth and effortless with a fast cadence. My gears were not low enough to pedal that fast. I wanted to chase after him and ask how he did it, but he was gone in a flash.