I did revolver today. Awesome as usual. :hot_face:

But noticed for the fist time that the video footage during the recovery minute between the 15th and 16th bonus interval is the same as between the 14th and 15th interval. Nice touch, as it asks to do it again.

If you have not noticed that, I guess you should do Revolver again, soon.


I’ll take your word for it!! :thinking:

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And, if you’ve not spotted them, keep an eye out for the cows and goats :cow2: :goat:

Hahaha I’ve done Revolver maybe 20 times and never noticed that

What are you talking about? There are 15 intervals in the Revolver. It says so in the workout notes.

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Had that one on the menu today and it seems there are lots of quasi video repeats during the one minute “tiptoe through the tulips” sections. Had never noticed before and frankly not sure if I dreamed it or what. The only thing I do notice in those sections is that the clock is much faster than it is during the MAP intervals…

Funny, I did Revolver this morning and I didn’t notice this.

However, what I did notice is that the interval lengths are NOT precise! (Not including the one the minions mess around with) Some are exactly 60 seconds long. But others are 62 or 63 seconds long. Including the very first interval which is 62 seconds long. There were at least a couple times when I started an interval and noticed the interval clock tick DOWN from 1:02 to 1:01. Is this non-precision standard practice in all the Sufferfest videos? I suddenly feel like I need to go check them all, now.

I discovered this when I was trying to do some math with the data and tried to visually mark off my intervals while looking at my power file. The overall timing always seemed to shift when I tried to mark off the efforts at regular intervals. I recalled seeing “1:02” as one of the intervals started, this morning, so I went into the video and fast forwarded to start looking at the interval timing and that’s when I found that this issue wasn’t just relegated to one or two intervals. :scream: :boom:

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Here’s a screenshot of the start of the first interval. I paused it right as the gunshot sounded and the green bar disappeared.

@emacdoug me thinks if you had time to do math during Revolver, you were not doing Revolver right…!!!


Haha! I agree! But, no, no. I was doing the math hours after doing Revolver. lol.

Can I just say I find revolver extremely challenging! This information is not helping my mental preparation for the next time it pops up on my schedule!! :flushed:

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Revolver is an old school video that was created before timers (and power targets) were a thing. I reckon we need more old school “imprecision” in the library, not less, so hashtag don’t mess with Revolver :grinning:

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Be happy guys! This means you get more bang for the buck! :wink:

And let’s be honest, smart-trainers does use a few seconds to dial in the power, especially if you do a big gear/high cadence-combo. I have noticed that Revolver intervals had some extra seconds before, and thought it was for this very reason.


I was going to say… :upside_down_face:

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AND MORE :snowflake: :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: videos

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