Reviewing completed workouts

We used to be able to search for and view completed Workouts. I found this useful to compare activities over a period of time. I have been unable to find this capability in SYSTM yet. Is it still available and if so how do I find it please?


@philbalding Not available currently - it wasn’t ready for the platform rollout but they are working on a new and improved version and also more details in the badge section as well. I think the timing is by year end but would have to go back and look at the announcements.


Thanks for your response Jon. I’ll keep an eye out for an update announcement later in the year then.

It is isn’t the easiest, but you can scroll back in the calender to look it up, and open the workout from there.

cheers, Ivo

This was a good feature and allowed to compare efforts much easier.

I’m running SYSTM on an iPad however I’ve NOT upgraded from Sufferfest on my laptop specifically so that I can still use this feature.

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Glad that other people have brought this up. I think that this is a key feature that must be included asap.

I also enjoyed being able to cycle through my full frontal results on the old app. Please include!

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like it said in the Systm launch post, it’s coming

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