Results of FTP in an activity

You do need to consider that many of the workouts were reduced in intensity with the release of Systm.

Although your 4DP settings may have been identical, if you compare the targets in the two workouts you will, no doubt, find that the MAP targets have been reduced since you rode it in July.

As the MAP intervals in AVDP are a significant part of your best 20min power this will result in a lower average power.

As @leebo mentioned. There is a fairly lengthy thread on the subject. One of the responses includes a list of the workouts that were changed and compares the previous and new Intensity Factors.

Why have workouts been made easier in the new Systm app?

In the case of AVDP, this was noted as changing from 0.96 to 0.88

Note also that the method of calculating the IF also changed. In SUF it used a generic 4dp profile, whereas in Systm it uses your own profile (AVDP for me is an IF of 0.86). This wouldn’t play any part in the effect being described by the OP though.

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Close, but not quite. While I’m not privy to the exact methodology, each workout consists of a bunch of sections. Blue sections are based on a percentage of your FTP, yellow sections are based on a percentage of your MAP (or of the difference between your MAP and FTP—I don’t know), and so on. In that way, each workout is fully and automatically customized to your fitness level as represented by your Athlete Profile. Also, if you were to fully comply exactly with the workout’s design (which usually happens if you’re in ERG mode at 100%), the design of the workout determines your power curve for the workout (20 min power, 5 min power, etc). I don’t think the coaches target a power curve; I think they target time at various effort levels and recovery times. But the power curve is still a consequence of the workout’s deign.

Make sense?