ProRides: Spread the Love

Cheers Calvin.

Currently forbidden under UCI rules in the sense that the camera can only be attached to the bike.


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I couldn’t disagree more, its suppose to give you that feel of being immersed into a Pro Peloton and what an actual race sounds like, might feel like, and actually how much those pros do suffer. I went as far as taking Wahoo’s suggestion and turning off the sound effect cues, and I am glad I did. Your cues are coming from what is happening inside you and around you because in most instances you are not allowed to race with music in your ears. All in all I feel like music would kill the experience Wahoo is attempting to create.


@Calvin_Crawford I think you will enjoy Strade Bianche but definitely come into it well rested, fueled and hydrated and have some fuel and a few bottles of water on hand during the ride.

I wasn’t well rested, hydrated, or fuelled, evidently, as I blew up at about 1.5 hours. Dialed it back a ton and still running on fumes the rest of the way. Part of me was thinking about “It Seemed Like Thin Air” on the plan for tomorrow and that definitely messed with my head. The novelty has decidedly worn off, though; I definitely wont be choosing a pro ride when I’m not on a plan. And even then I may swap out with something else. One thing that would be useful though, is if they added lap times. It would be helpful to know how much time us left in each of the sub/over threshold sections, and how much time left in the recovery-ish sections. More downhill is always apprecited!


@Calvin_Crawford They are definitely intense videos. Cut yourself some slack - you made it 1.5 hours! I use a lot of breathing techniques when things get spicy and it definitely helps.


Could you tell me how are built the pro rides cessions ?
You register the power of the rider during the race and after you apply simply a calculation to adapt at my 4DP ?
Exemple, during 1min the rider give 500w , that correspond to 130% of his FTP, so you ask me 130% of my ftp ? I think you decrease of 10% for exemple, because I am not professional and I can’t hold this rhythm during all the race. or maybe it’s a bit more complicated !
I ask, because today I rode on Hammer chase 1, after the race I was tired but not at the end of my life :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You have the general gist of it. Some pro rides are harder than others.

It’s having the choice that would be great. It’s cool being immersed in the peloton, but every (real) race is different and after doing the workouts a second time (and more to come) the novelty wears off pretty quickly when you know what the DS is about to say. In any case, I just turn off the sound and use another music source but having the option within the app would be better.

There are enough head injuries without cameras on helmets :exploding_head:

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Just did my first Pro Ride - London 1. I chose it for two reasons. First, I just did Half Monty last week and my FTP & MAP numbers went up a lot so I thought it would be a good test in ERG mode at the new levels. Second, it looked the the easiest one to do so, I thought that made sense.

My opinion, meh. It was different, mildly entertaining, challenging. But for some context, the Racing category is by far my least favorite of all, and it’s not close. Maybe as I do more of them I will feel different, but with a sample size of one, I don’t get the appeal.

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Yep. Something that is in the plans but for which we have no definite timeline at the moment.

That’s roughly how it’s working, plus or minus a sprinkle of Sports Science adjustment to take in consideration some fundamental physiological differences (as well as technical limitations inherent to indoor training).
We’re still working on refining the conversion model with every new session we work on.
Those rides are, on the whole, challenging and should push you hard but not necessarily destroy you. It will also depends on how accurate your 4DP is at time of riding.


Thanks for the feedback.
I think you are entirely entitled to not like it as much as you like some of the other content and I guess that’s the nice thing about SYSTM: it offers a variety of sessions that is hard to find on any other platform.
What’s your favourite category on the app?


Recovery … just kidding. :grin:

Actually I like the climbing workouts the best. I think that may be because out on the road climbing is a weakness, so I see it as a way to improve.


Out of interest, how did you find the Hammer Climb proride? (If you’ve done that one).
I’m useless at (and too heavy for…) climbing, but need to/want to improve.

@leebo I haven’t done that ride yet. I have the same issue, too heavy to be a great climber. The group I used to ride with was comprised of guys on average 20 years younger and 40# lighter. It took me quite a while to get to the point that I could climb with them without embarrassing myself.

Let me know how it goes if (when?) you do ride it. If you’re still alive afterwards I might try it. Even on a stationary trainer I’m thinking it’s going to be tough for me.

I finally was able to do Tour of Norway 1 today - loved it. It had just the right mix of freewheeling and intensity and I enjoyed the storyline. I felt well rested, hydrated and fueled going into it and the drink icons really helped me to stay focused on hydration. Five more left to get the badge!