Process for Knighthood attempt

Hello - I’m considering spending 10+h of suffering in the coming months (why not, right?) for my KoS attempt. I found the following webpage to explain the process ( however we are supposed to register the knighthood attempt via a form a the bottom of the page, but the form has disappeared. @David.McQuillen.KoS are the KoS attempts on hold at the moment?
Also, is there a special category or forum topic where we are supposed to document our quest?


First, welcome to Sufferlandria, you can never leave. I believe the minions are aware that the link to the form is missing but KoS quests are definitely NOT on hold. Here is a link to the form for you. It is possible that it got waylaid in the transition or that the minions are working to create a new form. In the meantime good luck in your quest.


Hopefully the minions get something up sooner, but I’ve bookmarked this for my Nov 19 attempt. Just in case. :slight_smile:

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Sir, both the blog page and support site page have now been updated.

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No stress on the documentation @Greg, I need to get that bit updated as well. As long as you follow the workout and ten-minute breaks rules, you should be all set. The workout list should now be removed from the help article and the list on the blog post is up to date. If you have any questions please feel free to message me directly. I’m happy to help!

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The link to the application is on the new page, but it’s a tiny hyperlink. I’ll get that fixed! Here is the link that you need though @Greg .


Loving that image of the Knights’ sticker Sir Cody. Oh, wait, sorry, you don’t call them stickers do you (even though they are :wink: ). Oh and there’s that other thing I won’t mention because :goat: :poop: :grin:

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I have to take option c) :wink:

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[c] Streamed to the Globe