Power resistance delay since last update

FYI, The resistance power used to be super responsive until the most recent update this week. Now it hangs on and keeps resistances high for about 10 seconds before handing back control to the trainer and matching the software Target.

You’ll get better responses here if you include information about your OS, app version, trainer, and method of connecting the app to your devices.

Windows 10 with Cycleops Magnus. Worked perfect for a long time until today, (first time I tried it since the update this past week). Now there’s a delay that seems built in, which keeps the resistance higher than power target for about 10 seconds give or take. The ride today was recharger i believe.

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Is the problem only the sprints at the end or all the way through the workout? Could also be a problem with the signal between trainer and computer, any other changes in set up - fans on? Another app trying to access trainer?

Same problem throughout the workout. I’ve never had the issue and nothing has changed in the setup or connection.

I’ve got it connected through ANT+ so Bluetooth isn’t an issue.

ANT+ works on the same frequency as BT so can also suffer interference. That said, you could try on BT and see if it improves it.

Unfortunately I run ANT+ because the Bluetooth used to drop out so frequently with Sufferfest and other than a new fancy name and photos of models on in the software I don’t think they improved the underlying software, so I stick with what works… Except now the one thing about the software that did work really well no longer does. I gave SYSTM another chance after the training plan I was in got hijacked by the rebranding, then dealt with a weeks worth of workouts without the 4DP profile pulling in, but now I’m starting to really regret the decision to try it again.

I hope they got a lot of new swimmers and badminton players to sign up, because they’re gonna be losing their core members with all the crappy software “upgrades” they’re doing to attract non cyclists.

If you had a lot of drop outs on BT it implies there is interference on the 2.4GHz range. ANT+ also works in that range so you are probably affected by that too, albeit to a lesser extent. This might be worth a watch.

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Never had an issue until this most recent update. Nothing has changed. The Bluetooth problems are only on Sufferfest. Zwift works fine, as does Rouvy and RGT.

Update to this thread… The power resistance issue went away on its own for now.