Outdoor Tempo 2 x5 25 vs Indoor 2 x 25

Being NYE and NYD tomorrow I’m looking at my schedule and planning for the weekend. I’m scheduled to do “Outdoor Tempo 2 x 25” but having a high of 30 degrees F I’m staying inside.

I’ve noticed on other outdoor sessions there is an indoor option and this one is no exception. The difference I see on the “NoVid Tempo 2 x 25” is the length. The outdoor session is 2:30 whereas the indoor session is 4 hours. Other indoor options I’ve seen generally have a shorter session time than the outdoor version. For example my Endurance+ outdoor session is scheduled for 2:45 whereas the indoor Endurance+ is 1:30. Or other coach notes is something like “do the first three intervals of XYZ session”.

The indoor guidance on the 2 x 25 is just " NoVid: Tempo 2 x 25". Is there better guidance on that or should I plan on a 4 hour epic with some good movies or something?

Hey @toddharp,
You can do the NoVid 2x25. The 25 min intervals and rest end at the 2 hr mark. You could just cool down then or go just as long as you want with the extra endurance section. Enjoy!



That’s exactly what was looking for. Thanks!

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So sorry to hijack this thread.

Just to clarify…does it mean that i just play the No Vid Tempo 2 X 25 (the 4 hour video) and end at the 2 hour mark.

Thank you so much for your clarification

Talking about hijacking a thread. An elite athlete lived a few hundred yards from my front gate, and which ever way I turned, he would be there.He would explain he was sick and or injured and just wanted a 20 min slow jog to loosen up.90 mins at near race pace later we would arrive back." I did not want to cheat on my diary" was his simple excuse.He would be great at typing out some of the Suff/Systm workouts