On Location rides

Hello i am using wahoo system now for only a few days.

I have been using zwift.

can anyone tell me if wahoo is also interactif when driving uphill?
wil my wahoo kickr trainer raise the wattages to simulate uphil riding?


No (but sometimes sort of yes).
It’s not Zwift (thankfully), so it’s not a riding simulation so much as an exercise platform.
At no point will the resistance be determined by gradient, because the resistance is determined by the requirements of the training effort for the video. In some videos there will be a gradient in the video which is also associated with the effort.
However, there will be times in Sufferfest videos where the video is going uphill, but the effort is not commensurate and Sufferfest does not apply a climbing value for things like Strava (again, thankfully).

So, the real answer to your question is No, unless that is the specific aim of the video in which case yes, but because it’s the exercise not because you are “going uphill”.
Videos like G.O.A.T and Power Stations are good “climbing” videos because the aim is higher power outputs at lower cadences.


Hi - the the videos are not linked to the trainer power at all - so the short answer is no.

(It may look like that at times, as sometimes the Sufferfest team used a video that had loads of climbing in it to roughly match when we’re are working our hardest, but the two things are completely separate)

Essentially the only thing that matters is the workout and it’s power profile for your training.
The video is there to watch (or not if you don’t want to) as a form of entertainment

(The Sufferfest team have also built some gradient triggers in for the Kickr Climb hardware to simulate climbing position if you use that hardware, and in general that will be activating during times of high power in the workouts (which may or may not also have a cideonof someone climbing)

All the best …


Here’s one @michael.cotty doesnt have to do, with a break in training yesterday I spent my off day doing Alto De Gamoniteiro on BikeTheWorld at 9.8 miles and an Average Gradient of about 9% and topping out at 15% it wasn’t pleasant at all so Mike if your listening feel free not to do that.


Thanks for the tip off, that was slowly creeping up the bucket list so I’ll swiftly rotate my list by 180 degrees so it can creep itself back down and do one! :+1:


Im sure you’d have no problem with it although I didn’t see any sheep about just one lonely cow and the road didn’t look exactly brilliant either, the view might have been nice if the Sufferlandrian Mists hadn’t came down and you could do those those gradients standing up, no problem to you

This can be confusing for the Baronnies, as the most famous ones are in Provence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks to @michael.cotty “On location” workouts, I discover that there are also “Baronnies” in the Pyrénées despite I’m French ! :no_mouth:


I was wondering about this too! Love the real life Provence Baronnies - but it will be fun to discover the Pyrenean ones too!


First rides i found boring, meanwhile (some weeks later) all On Locations rides have been done, its so great riding amazing routes with a buddy like Mark Cotty. Really missing new routes, Luberon was extremly fun from scenery and workout design. Waiting for more to come :slight_smile:

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I’ve very much enjoyed the On Location rides as well. But its frustrating having to go back and scour my calendar just to figure out which ones I’ve already ridden as there is no other way to track it given the current functionality of the program.


This feature is coming. In the meantime there is a handy online tool designed to let you see what workouts you have yet to complete to attain the various badges. It would work for your purpose also:


Excellent, thanks for that!