Official Thread: Norway is Live -- what do you think?

Ok so I’m biased because I work for Velon and was there when all the video was shot and worked with Carl Fredrik Hagen and the SUF guys to help make it happen.

I’ve just ridden the session and it’s the most intense, absorbing hour I’ve had on SUF.

I usually ride on the trainer with music playing but turned it off a few minutes in because I was so focused on the ride and maintaining cadence at 90rpm + with my FTP of 208.

Easily my #1 SUF ride. :+1::+1::+1:


I think Norway is absolutely brilliant - cool that you were involved. I felt like all I had to do was watch the riders in the video as if I was riding IRL and my trainer supported the experience. I’m a big fan of this workout.


This is AWESOME! Norway is one of my most favorite places on this Marble! The TdN goes right by my home away from home there.

Some Norway riding…


Just finished the workout. Loved it! Tip of the cap guys!!

Once I saw Remco Evenenpoel in the break i was sold.

Footage is top quality.

Love the overall concept and innovation … the incremental improvements to the App over the years has been great.

Not having cadence and HR targets just works … really nice feature

Did not miss music at all … who needs music when you have road, wind, peloton noises. Gives a slight glimpse into the work the break away are putting in :slight_smile: I would really encourage anyone who feels they need music to give this a go in its natural form … you get sucked in!! For me if I rode this now with music I would actually feel a bit cheated. Its much more fun

If another video in this style came out I would not say no!!!


Couldn’t have done it without you Mark! Thanks so much and really happy you like it!


Did it last night. Great job, folks. It’s as close to racing as it could be on an indoor trainer. My Tacx Neo missed a couple of changes, both dialing up and down.

What I really miss is the fun part: a stupid story - like in The Chores or Who dares or TeamScream or ISLAGIATT - and the music.

Overall rating: 7.5/10. jm2c.


Ok. The first ever acronym that doesn’t come up on google and I can’t find for myself under ‘ym2c acronym’

Whassat mean?

Is it “just my two cents”…?

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Spelling mistake. jm2c :wink: sorry.

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Aaaaaaahh. Every day is a school day. Ta


Just did it. Very nice. I just picked up some new headphones so I threw on a techno soundtrack and it meshed up quite nicely and randomly. :- ). I could still hear all the DS stuff. Looking forward to riding it again in a few days- the TOS is perfectly timed, as it will be -20F this weekend.


Awesome video, totally felt like I was racing - constantly pushing harder than I thought I could, then recovering as much as possible until the next push. I was running on 4DP numbers based on an Xert breakthrough last week, and my legs gave up at the exact second I crossed the line - perfect!
The only bit I failed at: when the DS was encouraging me to keep my head in the game, my head was not capable of doing anything but staring at my stem at that point… :grimacing:


I’m super excited! Can’t wait to experience it during stage 5.

Glad I read all of your comments. So much love for this. :heart:
I have to admit, I was a bit unsure about the “immersive experience” at first, being an absolute lover of the SUF soundtrack. But the thought is growing on me - and you all certainly make it sound super appealing.

With the quality of the last couple of videos… I have no doubt this will provide a great time.


Honestly: try it without and “feel the race”. We worked on enhancing the sound coming out of the GoPro as best as we could to pick up all the sounds of the race.


Really enjoyed that. More of the same please. Very immersive, it was odd - I didn’t think it felt that hard until I cramped up.


You succeeded good Sir … I was all in by the bottom of the climb … seeing as I was only doing a recon …


No heart rate and cadence ??? Wonder how my OCD is gonna deal with that…

Waiting for the Tour to do this one.

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I noticed that, too. After the warm up and into the first 5-8 minutes I kept thinking it felt too easy. But about halfway through I was no longer thinking it was easy. And the “lull” has enough spikes in it to keep you from fully recovering.

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I rode it this week. Overall I thought that it is a really well done training video. I didn’t miss the soundtrack that normally accompanies the videos, although that may change in time as I ride the video more. The video keeps me engaged throughout and I like the running commentary. I didn’t find it to be hard like Nine Hammers or the Shovel. It was more of a well balanced training video that gave me a good solid workout without killing me. I could see doing this as a back to back 2 hour workout and not get bored. There are so many power changes that you are always engaged. It won’t replace all the old videos that I have come to dread and love, but I can see this being a video that I use regularly.

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Enjoyed the ride AND the no cadence. I felt like I had more control of my efforts. Good work. Listened to a podcast — sorry, no input on the sound affects. No music tho?

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