Official Thread: Norway is Live -- what do you think?

about the secret numbers they were putting out:
1- you don’t want to know (it will make you cry)
2- we can’t tell you anyway (it’s in the contract)


BTW, how many are ‘suffering’ in this year’s tour?

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Any questions I had about this video going in (which were few) were erased as soon as I saw Remco Evenepoel in the break. :+1: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Jeg har sykkla noen få mil der, jeg og. Selv om været kan bli skuffende, det er jo ypperlig, likevel!


I may give this a thrutch!

Using the opportunity to pitch this here as well, in case people have not seen it :slight_smile:
Of course open for the possibility that nobody wants to see me suffer into a size S to add to the general suffering too :man_shrugging:


You, Sir, are absolutely right. Did it today and it was utterly amazing.
Great, great addition to the existing library. Thank you!

Beforehand, I couldn’t picture me doing the whole hour without a soundtrack. Even had a safety playlist loaded up. Took me until midway point of the workout to even notice there is no music. I loved it.


Sorry to say but the only thing I “suffered” was boredom and a sore hand from the gear changes. It’s not a session I can see myself repeating. There’s no humour, and it’s not even particularly immersive as you spend so much time hopping between gears you cannot watch anything. Plus - nobody races like that, whatever the power data says. At least the data does not capture how you try to maintain momentum/draft etc on the road and it fails to translate it back into a solid turbo/rollers session.

Also, an action film in Norway without The Sun Always Shines on TV on the soundtrack? What were they thinking?


Stage 5 in the books!! Very immersive for sure, the power changes were a challenge in the beginning until I got the right gear and could manage the majority of the changes just by varying the cadence. I did find myself riding at a higher power target occasionally just because it was easier than slowing down or shifting :grinning:. The “alle, alle, alle” really did make me go, go, go!! Loved the cues!


First time in Norway. A strange experience. I don’t have an erg mode so I set my wattbike to a level and just changed the cadence. The changes happened frequently enough for me to spend the hour just looking at the power target. I barely looked at the video.
I didn’t bother dropping power down too far when the targets allowed because it usually meant I would have to ramp it up again shortly afterwards. Consequently, I set my 1 hour power record on day 5 of TOS without paying much attention to how I was feeling.
I would guess this ride would be properly immersive if you have erg mode. If you don’t you will instead be immersed in watching numbers.


Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask you what trainer/setup you’re using as obviously riding this on Level mode is a little challenging.

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Hi there, I’m using cycleops rollers. I have a powertap hub on my training bike. I try to be honest about my experience with the sessions and I have used SUF since the days of downloading videos and perceived exertion. Obviously sessions like violator are challenging on rollers. But I can see the point of them and understand the benefit. Norway seems like a mess to me. There’s no structure (even FC has a sort of structure that targets specific areas) whereas I don’t see what Norway offers for an hour of staring at a screen. It cannot be a race simulation as you are not racing anyone and SUF should leave that type of thing to Zwift as it does it much better. For what’s it worth I dislike Zwift because there is no structure and it’s already full of social media-style toxicity. I use SUF mainly to prepare for the road and I want sessions that produce quantifiable gains. And also, a humourless SUF is a AVDP…


I did it today and I really enjoyed it (Stage 5 with 100%) today. I love the chaotic power output. I rode it with a nearly steady cadence between 95 and 105/min, so that my Tacx Neo could handle the quick power changes.
No sound → great
No music → great… Just my own music (Progressive Trance by DJ Stigma)
Compared to all the HIIT sessions in Sufferlandria Norway is a nice add-on

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I loved the Norway segment! My favorite, really felt “engaged” Thanks


I had a different, but brutal, experience.

Somewhere in there, I inadvertently touched one of the “level” thumb buttons on my Kickr Bike (Man, those things are sensitive!). I was too cognitively degraded to notice by then, so I spent the last half or so of the workout RPM-ing like mad to hit the power targets. I set RPM records and wound up totally clobbering myself.

Usually, when I touch one of those buttons, I quickly perceive the disparity between target RPM and power and switch right back into ERG mode. Without RPM targets, I didn’t have that prompt. Might it be possible to make the icon telling the rider which mode s/he’s in more noticeable, or add some kind of “Hey, you just switched into Level Mode. Did you mean to do that?” message?

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Beginner viewpoint here.

I’m not sure I cared for it. I’m new and not a fan of racing or sports documentaries. As a beginner, my power targets are still pretty low and I found the lack of cadence targets confusing, especially doing it in focused mode for TOS. I have a KICKR ‘14 and it kept up fine in erg mode but I couldn’t figure out whether my cadence was affecting speed or not with all the fast changes. And that meant I wasn’t sure whether to stay steady and fast or go low cadence like in GOAT to make the hills feel like hills. I liked the drink reminders.

I really missed the snarky humor. If this is the future of Sufferfest, I’d be disappointed because it’s too like a sport documentary for me.


I found it was a lot of fun. Following the instructions, I picked a target cadence of 100 (actual avg was 99!) and turned the volume on my speaker all the way up. I look forward to doing this again some day.


So saved it for the TOS and I’ve just done it on rollers. Took a lot of effort to try to match the power targets and I was often out but some margin over cooking and then not dropping enough before spinning back up. The really big changes aren’t quick and some of them kinda level out a bit.

I found that I was concentrating so much on the power number watching out for the changes wasn’t really watching the rest of the screen.

All in all it, wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and not having music didn’t bother me that much. That said I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t feature in my next training plan.


Thanks for the feedback. Fair enough. Understand where you come from and fact it’s not an easy session fro rollers. I guess you’re still happy with the classic SUF sessions and we will still be making those in the future.

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Join in and decide who eats the herring!!!