Nov 13 - Bucket List attempt

#9. 6 bananas and a bunch of blueberries consumed. 2 banana left. I am eating and drinking even though I don’t feel hungry.


Almost there. Bananas!!

You are doing it! The drawbridge is lowered!

I have a confession. I know that the suffering should be sufficient reward, but I have to admit my motivation on this final #10 of my KoS quest. My oldest sister, a fellow Sufferlandrian, will be obligated to address me as Sir. I guess this proves what length a little brother will go.

Up to the castle I charge!


I made it! I gave all I had. There is no way I could have done another ride after #10!


AWESOME. well done, SIR!

Welcome, Sir Rob! You can do anything!

I did it for the decals.


Also, welcome to the castle Sir @robyork

Now your sister has to do it so you’ll have to call her Dame.


Well done, sir! :crossed_swords:

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Welcome to the Castle Sir @robyork. Well done!

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@robyork Congrats! Definitely take a few days off and enjoy your accomplishments!

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Are you in York or are you named York?

in name only

Congrats, very well done indeed.

How far did you dial it down? And did you need to further dial it down along the way?

I started at 80% which was to hard (for me)

Thanks. I had scanned the forums and most posts suggested a target between 60% and 70%. I am glad that you also encouraged me to start out at a lower pace. I went with 63%, since my longest ride to date had been about 4 hours with breaks. The first ride The Rookie felt easy and I questioned the level but did not change it. By the third ride (Revolver) I was hurting and very glad I had started out where I did. I did raise to around 65% for the last four (which had lower IF ranges of 0.82 to 0.87), including finished strong with a 67% on G.O.A.T.

I must say, the hour after I finished was the worst pain wise. I don’t know why, but I expected the pain would start to diminish right after I finished. It peaked for me during that hour, before my body turned the corner. For those planning your KoS event, I echo the sage advice of the knights that preceded. Take it slow. Don’t worry, you will suffer sufficiently and then some.


Bit of a pity. I used to live just outside Yorkshire and would have been able to suggest an addition to the bucket list that combines with a recovery swim.

Congrats, little brother! Oops, I mean - Congrats, Sir Rob!

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You also mentioned to me that you’d varied your front wheel height in order to shift the angle and seat pressure points. That sounds genius to me. I wonder if anyone else has tried that.

Lol, how funny! Usually, it’s you who motivates me as you rid up mountains for fun! Or sends me donuts during my first Tour. Sir Rob it is!