Nit-Picks and Typos

Are we still doing these?
Very trivial one. A Week With Neal Henderson, At the Velodrome

Description says to “schedle” this entire series.


Also very trivial, in Neal Henderson 6: Gravel Grinder:

and there’s one point where the subtitles say ‘Inaudble’, missing an ‘i’. I’m afraid I forgot whereabout that is though.

Got the badge though!


Me again :slight_smile:

Should the FTP bar really be at 5/5 ?

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If my FTP setting was changed to 412 watts, a recovery ride would def be 5/5

Holy Yak $H&%

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Aye, but you won’t see me climbing 8848m any time soon. Like, ever.

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Lol! What about 4424? There’s a badge for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if I did these dumb things at your recovery power, I’d be finishing a LOT sooner :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Don’t even start. Since your other badges revelation I’ve now discovered I’m 3 mash-ups away from the ALL SUF badge. Sort by length and you’ll know which 3 mash-ups they are…

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Hehe. #willrideforbadges

I suggest you string them together into one epic mashup :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Workout labeled “Taper Efforts” on calendar for All Purpose Road Plan. When you start the workout, it goes to workout labeled “Tapers”. Upon completion, “Tapers” shows as completed on calendar. “Taper Efforts” remains on calendar as not completed.

Did you add your plan to the calendar in the old SUF app? That used Taper Efforts which as a workout has been replaced by the new Tapers. New plans use Tapers directly so avoid the issue.
I agree, though, that it’s a horrible little nuance.

I believe that is the case. I’m pretty sure I added it before the change over to SYSTM.

Dynamic Strength 5: the intro video says “Dynamic Strength 3” - and then the initial voice over says the right title but that it’s the longest workout yet, which it isn’t (Dynamic 4 is longer than 5 for some reason).

Attacker. Around 7:16 in there is text that comes up on screen “ADD A BIT MORE EFFORT”. There is no increase to the power target though.

It does change cadence target there, though.

Perhaps the wording could change to reflect that rather than effort-meaning-power.

Dynamic Focus 6: intro video says dynamic focus 3

Openers (see screenshot) the efforts are expected to be done with no pedalling and no perceived exertion

The “current interval” length extending into the recovery also seems a bit weird

In the ProRide Hammer Chase 1 - during the cooldown the cadence target is 0. The rest of the ride has no cadence target. I think the cooldown should be the same.

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