Nit-Picks and Typos

So, you’re not supposed to scream like a mouse during each sprint? :rofl: :mouse2:


Just looking at the time trial plan.
It says it is to train for TT 10-40km / 6-13 miles.
Should be 6-25 miles.

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Be be :honeybee:


The Workout “Primers” contains two unnecessary sounds in the “PRIMER 2 SUSTAIN” effort at 15:25 (speedup sound) & 15:36 (break sound) although the pace is constant.
Those two should be deleted.

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In Full Frontal around 10:55 it says something to the effect,
“last effort before the main efforts”

Maybe instead

“let’s rev the engine one last time before the main efforts”


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Around 6:35 into Across The Mountains it sounds like Mike Cotty is saying “…you shouldn’t really be doing this, you’re a fool” but the subtitles read “you’re full”

This has been mentioned before (back in November), but it’s still there, so I thought I’d toss this back in here. On the MT video, Getting Positive, around 8:30, it says, “The pace is high and you lfeel like you…” Just need to remove the extra l in feel.

Finally had time to try “It Seemed Like Thin Air” - fantastic suffering, almost had an out-of-body experience during the last 40-minute climb. Before that, though, I noticed a reference to Rubber Glove at the 2’30" mark in the warmpup, and a line “Gotta with this” around 1:07 during a sprint - Gotta go with this? Gotta win this? Not sure if these have been mentioned before… it’s a long thread.


Logo’s in the top left of header in dark theme in this forum? Annoying !
PNGs (or better SVGs), few lines of css code to load the correct logo based of light/dark theme.
10 minutes fix guys, allez allez allez c’mon

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Thanks, Sir @Luka, we will get this fixed.

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Strength Posterior Chain 1
Around 12.50
Voice over says “Put your left foot forward and lift your toes” - but exercise is to just put left food forward (for split stance hip hinge).

May have been missed in the other thread, but plan start dates are in American format - they don’t reflect the settings of my iPad

What’s the wee grey shaded area supposed to be doing ahead of the end of an interval. I can see when the end is coming up using the timer plus the graph.

Is it a glitch or something?

The current interval is shaded for when we aren’t staring at our stems.

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Downloaded the video today “Day 2 with @Coach.Neal.H : Rabbit Mountain” on my iPad Pro (first gen with iPad OS 14.7.1 - SYSTM app v7.2.2).

Workout parts worked flawlessly, but there was no sound on recovery parts (starting from when he shows signed jersey collection and all recovery segments till the end) as if it was muted. Too bad because it sounded like interesting topics were covered, and I’m not yet proficient in lip reading sadly.

Also, iPad SYSTM app shows the Mac OS Catalina as Operating System (screenshot)

Edit: It seems that audio being muted on certain video segments happen whilst AirPlaying from iPad to AppleTV. Funny though, sound effects played normally. Codec issue?
When I turned Screen Mirroring off, everything worked fine on the iPad. Tested on Apple TV 4k 1st gen, aTV OS 15.0

@Luka I did this in Win 10 with no issues. Just a debug observation.

Core Focus 1 voice over says “you need a mat and a block or step to stand on” - but the latter is not needed/doesn’t come up

In Getting Positive about 1 minute 5 seconds in Its possible that has possiblethat as all one word with no space between them

Getting Positive again 2 minutes 13 seconds in, the guy talking says until it becomes of who they are but on screen it’s written until is becomes of who they are.