New to Suffferfest, recommendations for next training ride?

Completed the 4DP profile on Monday after a 2 month layoff. Felt good and ready for the next Sufferfest ride. Me, 63 using my new Wahoo Kickr but had to purchase a new dual band HRM to sync with my iPad not yet in hand.
Recommendations for today’s training ride? I will redo the 4DP profile in a couple of weeks to check on improvement.

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If you “felt good” after completing Full Frontal, you obviously love suffering… so something like Nine Hammers or Omnium would be perfect… or maybe Blender, if you’ve got a bit more time on your hands.


Hi Matt @LeonardoX

There are so many options these days.

While having favourites fir lots of different reasons (like favourite cos it kicks my ass or favourite because it’s a bit mellower and the video is great or favourite because it’s an original video) if asked to pick one that is just a great session for many many people without too many ‘labels’.
I’d suggest Team Scream.
It’s just awesome.

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Spot on - discovering the YouTube trailer for Team Scream was the reason I got Sufferfest!

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Congrats on the numbers! If you have been off the platform for 2 months you probably have missed the new Cobbler video. I would suggest checking that one out. It seems to be an instant hit based on feedback in the forum and I would certainly recommend it.